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I’m Caroline De Kimpe,

Career Coach & Job Search Strategist

I’m passionate about empowering professionals to create an authentic personal brand and self-marketing strategy so they feel fulfilled and successful in their corporate career.

I’m known for my positive attitude, unflinching honesty, and ability to help my clients find the confidence they need to seize control of their lives.

Before founding New Horizon Coaching, I was a successful recruitment consultant for more than a decade.

I’ve seen many brilliant people apply for jobs that either didn’t suit them, or that they didn’t even want deep down.

I understand first-hand the devastating spiral effect this can have on both your life and your family.

I’ve worked with lawyers, accountants and marketers, as well as directors, managers and executives from a range of industries.

Although I’m based in Sydney, Australia, I work remotely with clients from all over the world.

Whether your goal is to attract the right job, get promoted or set boundaries that give you more time for your loved ones, it would be my pleasure to help you reach it.

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