Hey! I'm Caroline.

I help Senior Managers who feel stuck and invisible to stand out in a competitive job market and successfully advance their career.

you want to change but, what's the right next step?

You don't just want another job, but a job where you feel fulfilled, in a company that values your leadership and where you get the financial rewards you deserve. 

But, when you scroll through job boards, there's not much advertised and nothing really jumps out.  

And on the rare occasion something comes up that looks interesting, you're not confident your resume is good enough and will stand out because it's not selling you. 

You feel stuck.

But don't worry, I CAN HELP.

When you want a fulfilling leadership role in a company you believe in where you get paid what you're worth, it's not enough to simply have a keyword rich resume or an optimised LinkedIn profile...

Or master interview technique where you have to brag about yourself to get the job. 

This will not get you a fulfilling job.  

This approach will get you to a point where you have to accept the first job that's offered to you (due to a lack of other options) and you'll have to hope the role lives up to what is promised to you in the interview. 

And most of the time, you realise three months later, that you're dealing with the same BS as in your previous job...

Let's face it, this is not a solid career strategy, is it?

But rest assured, there is another way. 

I've helped thousands of professionals land their next leadership role where they felt challenged, fulfilled and got financially rewarded for their results by teaching them this powerful 3-step strategy.  

Get crystal clear

Get clear on what makes you unique, on the value you create and what you really want from a job and in your career. 

create authentic self-marketing

Create an authentic resume, Linkedin profile and cover letter that stands out, gets noticed and connects with the right people. 

Have a powerful Career strategy

Map out your ultimate career destination in full alignment with your personal "why". Working with people you like, doing work you love and getting paid what your worth. 


Hey, I’m Caroline De Kimpe, Career Coach & Mentor.

I've been an Executive Recruiter and Senior HR Professional for more than 10 years.  

Through my career I've helped thousands of  senior managers who felt stuck and invisible to successfully advance their management career and stand out in a competitive job market.  

My career expertise has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, Marie Clair and Leaders In Heels.

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Already had a return on the money I spent

My resume was a bit old fashioned. We fine tuned my resume. A simple two pages that was easy to read and clearly communicated my skills and expertise. I sent it out and four out of five came straight back to me. What a difference.

It does feel like a big investment but your career is worth it. I've already had a return on the money I spent. - Sydney, Australia

Megan Bishop Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Recruiters Reached Out To Me!

Caroline helped me position myself perfectly for future opportunities.

This is evident from the fact that recruiters started reaching out to me for discussing opportunities after I put out my new brand (something which never happened before!).

Preeti Inchody Senior Director, Corporate Finance

I found the job I was looking for!

Caroline is very knowledgeable as a career coach and she has been a tremendous help to me.

She has a wealth of experience of the Australian job market and knew exactly how to maximise my chances of success in finding the career I was looking for.

Besides that, she is genuine and a lot of fun to work with!

Marcella Jas Executive Manager

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