Career Coach - Helping You Stand Out And Land Your Next 6-Figure Job.

land your next 6-figure leadership role. 

Craft your story, raise your profile and stand out to land your next leadership role. 

Do you feel invisible?

  • Ready for your next step but struggling to stand out?
  • Cringe at the thought of selling yourself but you know it's critical if you want to get noticed?
  • Disappointed because your career isn’t where you’d hoped it would be by now?
  • Sick of getting countless of rejections and lacking interviews?
  • Tired of getting bypassed for promotions and not getting recognised even though you work hard?
  • Ready to make some necessary and probably well overdue changes? 

Or perhaps, when you talk to recruiters, you're either pigeonholed or the recruiter doesn’t really get what you do. 

It's SO frustrating!

I get it and I work daily with professionals in a similar situation and this is what I know to be true: if nothing changes, you'll stay stuck in your current situation.

I hear you...

And I'm here to help!

Working for over 12 years in the recruitment and HR industry I met and interviewed countless of candidates that were experiencing the same struggles and frustrations.

They felt stuck. But with my help they were able to change their reality.  

Sharmin Jassal - Communication & Marketing Leader

Denise Morrow - Business Improvement Manager

Nicci Chaplin - Marketing & Communications Manager

Hey, I’m Caroline De Kimpe

I'm an Executive Recruiter and Senior HR Professional turned Career & Leadership Coach. 

My speciality? I help professionals, like you,  land their next 6-figure leadership role where they feel challenged, fulfilled and get the financial rewards they deserve by helping them build their confidence, raise their profile and stand out from the crowd.  

This is my 3-part process.

1. Create your story and discover your unique value proposition so that you become confident, see the worth of your skills and stop underselling yourself .

2. Raise your profile, tap into the hidden job market and create an impressive resume, Linkedin profile and cover letter that stands out and gets noticed.

3. Grow your career and land your next 6-figure leadership role where you are respected, valued and get paid your worth. ​​​​


Get noticed for leadership roles and stand out from the competition with this proven-to-work resume framework.


The Career Success Program: An exclusive coaching program to help build your confidence, raise your profile and stand out so that you can land your next leadership role.



Your career is worth it! I've already had a return on the money I spent

My resume was a bit old fashioned. We fine tuned my resume. A simple two pages that was easy to read and clearly communicated my skills and expertise. I sent it out and four out of five came straight back to me. What a difference.

It does feel like a big investment but your career is worth it. I've already had a return on the money I spent. - Sydney, Australia

Megan Bishop Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Recruiters Reached Out To Me!

Caroline helped me position myself perfectly for future opportunities.

This is evident from the fact that recruiters started reaching out to me for discussing opportunities after I put out my new brand (something which never happened before!).

Preeti Inchody Senior Director, Corporate Finance

I found the job I was looking for!

Caroline is very knowledgeable as a career coach and she has been a tremendous help to me.

She has a wealth of experience of the Australian job market and knew exactly how to maximise my chances of success in finding the career I was looking for.

Besides that, she is genuine and a lot of fun to work with!

Marcella Jas Executive Manager


Land Your Next leadership roles and stand out from the competition!