Your Actions Need To Lead You In The Right Direction
intentional action

Your Actions Need To Lead You In The Right Direction

40 hours a week for 48 weeks.

That’s 1920 hours.

That’s roughly how much time you spent at work last year.

Let that sink in.

How much of it did you spend wondering why the CEO still hasn’t learnt your name?

Wondering why you still haven’t been invited to lunch with the leadership team?

Feeling like you’re still stuck doing the crappy jobs nobody else wants and not being given the opportunity to shine?

If you had a dollar for everytime you felt valued at work you’d maybe have enough for a coffee.  Without fancy milk.

I see so many clients just like you. With big dreams and huge lists of goals. But they’re just drifting through life instead of being intentional about actually achieving them.

Hot tip: results start with intention.

Your actions need to lead you in the right direction. Or this time next year you’ll still be flailing around feeling unsatisfied, undervalued and underpaid.

Let me share a few tips on how to make intentional action a daily habit.

Remain focused on your goals.

It sounds obvious but it’s so easy to get caught up in day to day bustle. Don’t look back over the year only to realise you’ve actually taken zero steps toward your goals. Write them down regularly. Keep your goals top of mind.

Say no to say yes.

Our default is to say yes to everything that comes up. FOMO is real but remember, saying no sometimes paves the way to saying yes to bigger opportunities.

Senior Manager’s don’t get where they are by saying yes all the time.

Stop every now and then.

We don’t do this enough. Take the time to stop and reflect on your previous actions and you’ll learn a truckload.

You have a list of goals. Your everyday actions are either helping you accomplish them or acting as a distraction.

Stop drifting. Start taking notice. Make conscious change.

I’ll help you work out what action to take next.

Make intentional action. Make 2019 your year.

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