The Real Messy Career Journey Of A Working Mum

The Real Messy Career Journey Of A Mum

You've paused your career to have kids and now you’re back in the workforce, you feel like you’re becoming irrelevant. 

I've been there. As a working mum of two, I get it. 

I'm a career and leadership coach now, but I spent years working in corporate environments in HR and recruitment, so, believe me, I know!

The Journey

First, you fall pregnant and you're so excited. 

You announce the wonderful news, but suddenly, you’re not getting the exciting projects you were pre-pregnancy, potentially impacting your career.

But, without giving it too much thought, you go off on maternity leave and when you return everything has changed. 

You have a new boss, a new desk, new colleagues, a new team and so on. 

Things have moved on. 

The Struggle

So, you try to keep up and manage it all but that time between drop-off and pick-up seems to fly.

And, if you can’t meet deadlines and manage stakeholders in those precious hours, being a successful working mum starts to seem impossible.

You feel like you're barely keeping your head above water. 

And then you fall pregnant again. 

You have your second baby and you have to do it all over again, but this time, it's more intense.

It's more demanding on your body and your mind, but you persist, you get through it, because you’re a survivor. 

And then you finally get back on track and refocus on your career, because your kids are now more independent. 


But there's something missing, you feel lost, as though you're not as relevant anymore and you feel invisible. 

Colleagues are bypassing you to the career of their dreams and you don't know how to get your momentum back.

It’s an awful feeling, but you are not alone, and in fact, a lot of all of this is within your control. 

Your belief that you’ve become less relevant is stopping you from getting back on the horse and achieving your potential. 

Yes, you might have put your career on hold but that doesn't mean you've lost your skills and experience. 

It doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer an organisation anymore or that you’re somehow less capable in the workplace.

Many of my working mum clients say, “I have to accept a lower salary because my skills aren’t current anymore.” 

However, it only takes six to eight weeks to get back up to speed with things after a career break. 

And then you're stuck with a job you accepted for 10-20k less than you’re worth. 

Getting Help

So, the message I want to share with you, fellow working mums, is this: you are not alone. 

The struggle of the working mum is real and I’m on that very same journey with you.

But we have to start standing up for ourselves and value what we can contribute and achieve. 

Together we can make this happen but you need to realise you are not insignificant.

You have skills and experience that can contribute to making a massive difference to an organisation. 

You have to shift your mindset and believe you can do it and that you’ll make an impact, but it all starts with you.

If you need help piecing it all together, don't be afraid to reach out for help. 

As a working mum who gets it, I'm here for you, so don’t hold yourself back, book a call with me and together we can get your career back on track. 

Whatever you want to achieve, we will create a plan, a strategy to make that happen. 

Please like and share this message with any working mums you know, because I would love to help.


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