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If you’re stuck in a dead-end job...

Tired of being passed up for promotions...

Or sick of never getting the salary you know you deserve...

Even though you’ve got more experience, knowledge, and work harder than anybody else in the company.

You are being overlooked and missing out on new opportunities…

Opportunities to move your career forward, to grow, and to provide for your family.Even if you followed all the “google” advice you could find, or paid for a professional for a “resume makeover”...

You’re no closer to getting more interviews, or being offered the bigger salaries that you deserve.

It’s got nothing to do with you either. You are not what’s holding you back…

The REAL problem…

Is your resume.

Why a professional “resume makeover”, is a BAD idea!

Your resume is personal.

Asking someone else to write it for you is like asking someone to forge your signature for a bank cheque.

Not only is it a BAD idea, but there is a huge disconnect.

And just like that bank cheque... you’ll bounce.

Sure, a professional resume might land you an interview, but in 9 out of 10 cases you’ll still fail the screening process.

And even if you do get the job, you risk being underpaid in a mundane job that doesn’t completely play to your strengths.

Not only will a resume writer undersell who you are and what you can achieve, the language that they use isn’t you.

They aren’t an expert in your industry and they won’t get you the salary you deserve.

That’s not to say that all resume writers are bad…

But the $99 resume makeovers, and even the $499 makeovers aren’t going to give you a resume that really sells who you are and what you can do.

Only you can do that.

But trying to figure it all out on your own is hard, and you might be tempted to use free templates or online advice...

Everything you read online about resumes is wrong…

Ok, that statement isn’t entirely true…

Because the advice you read online does work... if you’re applying for junior roles or trades. But it is completely wrong if you’re looking to move up the career ladder, get a promotion and increase your salary to the top 10%.

Copy and paste just doesn’t cut it when you’re applying for senior roles. 

Sure, it’ll work when you’re just starting out and maybe you can get away with it for a few promotions…

But it isn’t going to give you what you want…

You can’t just copy and paste your way to a six-figure income

HR managers and employers see 100+ resumes that all look exactly the same for every role they are hiring for.

If you’ve used free online templates, or copied text from job descriptions or other resumes… chances are so has everyone else.

You’ll never get picked from a pile of 100+ resumes if you look like everyone else.

Instead, your resume will go straight in the trash...

Every resume is binned within 7 seconds.

​Your resume needs to stand out.

Now we’re not talking about brightly coloured paper or fancy fonts - that’s a one way ticket to the shredder.

But your resume needs to get noticed. Recruiters and employers are busy. Let’s face it, everyone is busy - including you.

If your resume is more than 3 pages, lists all your employment history since you left college, or sounds off a hundred “skills” that everyone else has...

You’re wasting everyone’s time... including your own.

Recruiters sift through hundreds of resumes a day and anything that doesn’t grab their attention… gets trashed.

Remember, you’ve only got 7 seconds…

And that’s why the framework of your resume is so important.

Having the right layout and design will get you noticed, and having killer content ensures you get the interview.


Get 3x more interviews with a resume that works

Imagine how different your life would be with endless career opportunities…

If instead of chasing promotions and better salaries, your inbox was filled with employers begging you to come work for them.

You’ve finally been given the key that unlocks unlimited career potential.

The key that gets your foot in the door to the most competitive and rewarding roles.

Advancing your career is no longer a struggle…

It’s as easy as sending your resume and getting a call right back for an interview.

How different would your life be if you were no longer stuck in a dead-end job?

If you never had to worry about being made redundant and finding work again?

You’d be confident in your career. Proud of what you’ve achieved, and rewarded with the salary that you really deserve…

The secret formula to resumes that actually get noticed…

I’m going to tell you a little secret…

The resumes that get noticed all follow a proven system.

I know, because I’ve personally screened over 280,000 resumes in the last 12 years as a recruitment agent.

And there are 5 elements to every successful resume.

But the structure of your resume is just the beginning.

It’s really just supporting the content of your resume so it gets read by the recruiter.

The words that you use on the page and what you write about, is what gets you the interview.

Your resume is not just about putting words on a page.

It’s about really thinking deeply about the answers to key questions that every recruiter is looking for.

It’s about knowing how to sell yourself, without coming across as arrogant or self-serving.

It’s about using certain power-words and phrases that get recruiters picking up the phone and calling you.

There is a secret formula to resumes that work for any industry.

And you can learn it too.

Open doors for your career with a resume that rocks...


This Course Is Your Secret Weapon!

I have googled a huge number of websites, read blogs, followed ‘Professional Resume Writers’ on LinkedIn and even paid to have my resume rewritten. None of these options have given me the clarity that Caroline has given me. Caroline takes the guess work out and provides a really easy to follow and achievable format.

Stephanie Baraya Marketing Manager - Strategy, Innovation & Growth, APAC

Within 2 hours I transformed my resume!

It has been 10 years since the last time I had to use a resume and I was really struggling to know where to start! The course literally gave me all the tools to set up a perfect resume! It was really effortless and step by step and within 2 hours I transformed my resume! That was just amazing and worth every penny…

Laurent Lambert Director at Ad-Roller Australia

Don’t let your “sucky” resume hold you back!

Sure, you could try fixing your resume yourself.

You could even have a resume writer do it for you...

And that would be fine if you wanted an average income in an average job.

But you’re not average and you certainly don’t want an average income or to be stuck in a dead-end job.

The last thing you want is to come into work one day and find out you’ve made redundant because you’ve been playing it safe for years in a job that was “ok for now”.

And with a family to support you can’t afford to be scrounging around for any job you can find. It’s not what you deserve either, you’ve got more experience and skills than everyone else…

But you’ll never get that interview if your resume sucks.

The job market has changed…

It’s more competitive now than ever. And that tired, old resume, with 20+ years of baggage, needs to go.

Today, is a brand new job market.

In order to stay competitive.

To be at the top of your game.

And to get the interviews for the jobs you deserve…

You need a resume Transformation.

And even if you don’t want to change jobs, a great resume is the leverage you need when negotiating for a better salary.

You could pay $300 for a junior resume writer to update your resume for you.

But that’s not going to make your resume stand out is it?

And you could pay more than $2000 for a professional resume service, but then you’re still left with a resume that isn’t really authentic....

Or you can learn the secrets to creating your own killer resume.

Using a step-by-step system from a seasoned recruiter, with over 12 years experience and 200,000 resumes under her belt.

For a strictly limited time, I’m practically giving away my Resume Transformation Course for just $197.

Now normally I wouldn’t even consider selling it for less than $500, but I’m fed up with seeing top-talent rejected because their resume sucks.

And honestly, you'd be crazy not to take me up on this.

Even if you just got a the smallest salary increase of $1000, your return on investment would be 10x.

Let alone the real value of getting a job you love, that pays you very well!


  • Module 1: How To Write A Career Statement That Impresses EVERY Hiring Manager in 7 seconds or less!
  • Module 2: How To Highlight & Pick Key Skills (especially when you have many) That Will Get You Noticed!
  • Module 3: How To Convert Task Into Key Achievements (even if you think you have none!)
  • Module 4: Write An Outstanding Career History That Actually Gets Read!
  • Module 5: Make Sure Any Other Elements Are In Place In The BEST Possible Way.

Double your interviews in 60 days or your money back

I’m so confident that you’ll see results from using my resume framework, that if you don’t double your interviews in 60 days, I’ll refund you 100%.

There is so much value inside of my course that I know you’ll love.

And if within 60-days you haven’t found value in what I share with you, and at least doubled your interviews I’ll refund you investment.

And yes, there are awesome bonuses! 


Access to my personal swipe file of proven skills & knowledge! (Valued $47)

what makes a good resume

Imagine if you could peel back the curtain and see the exact resumes that get called in for interviews…

You’ll get access to my personal collection of proven keywords and phrases, that you can use to write a killer resume.

Whether you’re applying for management, operations, technology, HR, finance, sales… or anything corporate, I’ve got you covered.


Exclusive Behind the Scenes Resume Tear Downs ($257)

what makes a good resume

Discover the psychology behind winning resumes with in-depth resume tear downs.

You’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to edit and perfect your resume, so it stands out and gets noticed.

You’ll identify the common pitfalls to avoid and exactly what it takes to write a winning resume, that gets you the interview.


Power Words to Make Your Resume Irresistible ($47)

what makes a good resume

Ever wondered why one resume gets shortlisted, whilst another doesn’t?

Remember, you’ve only got 7 seconds to grab the attention of a recruiter. And there are a handful of words that every recruiter is looking for.

Words that hold their gaze and keep them reading on…

Words that, if used correctly, will increase your chances of getting an interview.

Not only will you get the full list of power words that I use to write magnetic resumes...

But I’ll also show you exactly how and when to use them, to get way more interviews than you ever thought possible.

That’s over $349 value for FREE

when you buy the Resume Transformation Course today for just $197

Unlock the floodgates to better pay, more rewarding jobs and unlimited career opportunities, with a resume that actually works! Click the button below now.

Caroline De Kimpe

Hi, I'm Caroline De Kimpe, Career Coach & Job Search Strategist

I started New Horizon Coaching four years ago whilst working as a agency recruitment specialist.

I've seen tens of thousands of resume and I have been the one deciding which resume goes on the YES pile and NO pile.Which resume to put forward to the hiring manager and which one to reject.

Today, I'm sharing my expertise with professionals who are looking the create a powerful and effective resume.

To date, I’ve successfully helped hundreds of professionals, from all over the world, all industries and all level of seniority.

With a BA in Communications + a decade of international experience as an agency recruiter, I'm armed to help you write a resume that gets you multiple interviews and job offers.

When you join today, you’ll get:

My proven resume template from over 12 years of working as an agency recruiter and seeing more than 280,000 resumes. With this proven to work resume template you’ll get more interviews than you ever thought possible.

I’m so confident that this template will work for you that if you don’t double your interviews in 60 days, I’ll give you a full refund.

Here’s exactly what you get today:

  • Proven resume template that guarantees you’ll get 2x more interviews in less than 30 days
  • In-depth video workshop explaining the exact psychology behind the 5 key elements to winning resumes
  • Access to my personal swipe file of keywords and phrases that every recruiter is looking for
  • Behind-the-scenes resume tear down that reveals the most common resume writing pitfalls to avoid
  • My personal power words cheat sheet, that you can use to increase your chances of being called in for an interview

Now, you could pay $3000 or more for all this from a professional resume service (and you wouldn’t even get half of what’s included here!).

Double your interviews in 60 days or your money back

I’m so confident that you’ll see results from using my resume framework, that if you don’t double your interviews in 60 days, I’ll refund you 100%.

There is so much value inside of my course that I know you’ll love.

And if within 60-days you haven’t found value in what I share with you, and at least doubled your interviews I’ll refund you investment.



Since I have followed your system and advice, I'm actually getting interviews!

For the last two years, I tried everything I knew to just get a response and have had nothing, not a whisper. I even had someone fix my resume to look how they (a HR person) thought it should be and I got not even one single reply so I ditched it and wrote my own. I found I could still not get any replies from hundreds of applications.

Now, I have actually knocked back jobs because I now know that I can be selective about my next job. That is all thanks to you. I just received a call (as I am writing this) to attend another interview, how crazy is that?

David Burzacott HSEC Manager

This course provided actionable outputs that you can apply.

Free online advice provided me with generic info that was “nice to know”, however it doesn’t address the next level of detail and provide the questions you need to ask yourself.

This course provided actionable outputs that you could apply.

I think another differentiator for your course is it provides a broader perspective on the role of the resume and delivers more self-reflection, which I think would better prepare you for the next stage of interviews.

Michelle Ayyuce Experienced Customer Engagement Analyst

My biggest aha moment was when I understood how to develop the connection between the career statement, the key skills, and the key achievements sections.

Although I had reworked my resume using the free online videos and template, the resume course has helped greatly specifically for the skills and key achievements sections.

The resume course was essential to understand how to write “killer” content and to use the format to showcase the content in a powerful way that will stand out to recruiters. - Greater Boston Area, United States

Steven Arnoff Senior Technology Project Manager - CIO

There is NO comparison with free online advice.

I now understand how less is more, people aren’t going to wade through every major activity I have undertaken. There is NO comparison with free online advice. - Newcastle, Australia

Elisa Bland Marketing and Communications Strategist

There's nothing on the market that even comes close to this incredible practical and concise course!

There is nothing on the market that I am aware that even comes close to this incredible practical and concise course Caroline has designed. Other course just concentrate on the format, where Caroline’s course is format and content, specifically achievements.

I would say this course is essential to ensuring your resume is robust and portrays your skills, experience and achievements’ in the best possible way to obtain the role you want and deserve. - Adelaide, Australia

Ryan Z. Makris Service Delivery Manager