How To Write The Perfect Resume For An Executive Role

The Secret To The Perfect Resume For Your Next 6-Figure Leadership Role

Hey! Senior Managers! What’s WRONG with your resume?

I hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably been looking at your resume completely the wrong way.

Anybody who is a senior professional, who wants to step up into a director's role, executive role, C-suite role, this is for you.

The reason I want to tell this story is because one of my clients, Mark, came to me and highlighted a problem I see time and time again with senior professionals.

They don't understand the purpose of their resume. 

The nature of your resume has changed dramatically. It used to be a document that listed everything you'd ever done.

These days it's nothing like that. Yes, you still need to have the outline that speaks about what you have done in your career, but it's now a selling tool, so you need to look at this as a sales document.

Does this document represent you in the best possible way? Will it get you the interview?

The purpose of your resume is to get the interview, not the job.

In the interview you can expand on all your skills and experience relevant to the role, but let's talk about your resume first.

Here is what most people don't know and where they go wrong.

My clients going through the Career Success Program are all senior professionals with over 15 years experience and their resumes reflect just that – pages and pages of it when it’s perfectly acceptable, if not desirable, to have a 2-3 page resume.

In Europe and the US, it’s even less.

You might have noticed that despite the fact you’re including everything you’ve ever done, you’re not getting interviews for jobs you could do standing on your head.

Nobody is giving you a shot, because your resume isn't clear.

So that was the problem Mark had. He had a five-page resume, everything he had ever done was listed, as far back as when he graduated, but that didn’t work.

Your resume needs to sell you; it needs to clearly represent what you can do and what you can bring to the table, not just what you have done.

You have to think about what your story is going to be.

Your story is your pitch, the reason employers should hire you and that is the core of your resume.

And what most people then say to me is, "Caroline, I can do so many different things. My story could be a lot of different things." But I guarantee you that's not the case.

All my clients have over 15 years experience and although they can do a lot, there's always an overarching theme, something that drives them, that makes them unique and that’s what they need to articulate, to demonstrate the value they can create.

I want you to zoom in on your uniqueness because that is your story.

So once you have defined that, think about the job from a senior manager or director's level.

Visualise their perspectives as 100% of the market because if you try to communicate to everyone your message is not going to get through.

You need to know your target audience so you can hone in and customise whatever it is you want to communicate.

So, to sum that up, your resume is not a list of your many skills, it’s a sales document that tells your story and shows the value you can add to the right people.

I can help you create your unique story, a winning resume and help you identify who you want to be communicating with and, ultimately, working with.

If you’d like to know how, book in a one-on-one call in with me.  


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