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In the career success formula, I share the exact strategies my clients use to successfully get noticed for leadership roles and stand out in a competitive job market!

how to get a leadership role


The EXACT 3 strategies I use to help my clients stand out in a competitive job market so that they can advance their career 


The ONE mistake 97% of senior managers make that KILLS their chances to step up in their career.

How To Get A Leadership Role


How to reach ALL your career goals much faster by making the RIGHT decision when you're at a crossroad and to STOP drifting from job to job

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Caroline De Kimpe

I've been an Executive Recruiter and Senior HR Professional for more than 10 years and through my career, I've helped over 500 senior managers who felt stuck and invisible to successfully advance their career and stand out in a competitive job market.  

My career expertise has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire and Leaders In Heels. 

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