Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself

You have 90 seconds to make the perfect first impression in an interview and there is no better time for that than in answering the question; “Tell me about yourself.” 

Now, most people are nervous and end up waffling because they haven’t taken the time to thoroughly prepare their answer.

Instead of being clear and to the point, feeling confident and setting the tone for the interview, they miss the huge opportunity this question offers. 

So, read on and I will share the three big mistakes to avoid when asked that vitally important question, and what to do instead.

The first big mistake I see is that people give an overview of their entire career.

They often start the answer with, “I graduated from uni and this was my first job and this was my second job,” and so on, but the interviewer isn’t interested in hearing a decade plus worth of your job history in chronological order - they’ve already seen that on your resume.

The second big mistake I see is when people zoom in too much, for example, only mentioning their current role.

The problem here is that they don't give a holistic overview of all the skills and experience they have. 

The third big mistake I see is people confusing the heck out of the employer and this is often because they're unclear about their own added value.

You see, they have done so much in their career they struggle to connect those dots themselves, thus confusing the other person and when somebody's confused, they don't make a decision and they certainly don't make the decision to hire you. 

So what should I do instead? I hear you ask.

What you want to do is have a pitch.

You need to be able to sell yourself and be able to articulate, very clearly, the value you can bring to the organisation based on all the years of skills and experience you have accumulated.

Be confident and concise, don’t waffle, simply give a clear summary of everything you can do and how that experience will benefit their organisation. 

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