Quit These Bad Habits In 2019

Quit These Bad Habits in 2019

Career habits

January is over already.

It flew right now, didn’t it?

The rest of the year won’t be any different.

You want to make change this year. The time to start taking action is now.

A simple place to start is to look at the things that are currently leaving you unsatisfied and address them.

Flip your annoyances into actions and you’ll likely find things start looking up.

Working with a client recently we jotted down a list of career resolutions for the new year. I realised so many others would benefit from this advice, so I thought  it only fair I share it with you all:

Things to quit doing in 2019 (and the actions that will benefit you instead):

Expecting all that extra work you do to just get noticed.

You’ve been doing it this long and where has it gotten you?

Keep working extra for nothing and all you’ll gain is resentment and fatigue.

Don’t be taken for granted.

Stop picking up the slack or point it out to those above you and get recognised for it.

Which leads perfectly into my next point.

Waiting for that payrise to just happen.

I know it’s bold and scary but I challenge you to try something most people are too shy to do: ask for a payrise. Seriously. The worst that will happen is your employer says no, and a no isn’t even all bad. It will provide a clearer understanding of how much your employer really values you and give you an idea of whether you want to stick it out at your current organisation or move on out of there.

Best case scenario, you get the salary increase you deserve and the satisfaction of your bravery paying off.

Empower yourself and start asking for what you want.

Getting upset when somebody else gets the promotion you wanted.

It can be devastating when opportunities don’t go your way. Especially when you know you would have been better for the role.

Why didn’t the people in charge choose you instead? Good question. It’s time to think about why you aren’t being noticed.Try to see it from the outside perspective or maybe even ask the decision makers if you feel it’s appropriate.

Stop your pity party.

It sucks that you’re not where you’d like to be in your career.

Sadly wallowing in self pity and complaining about that other person getting the role/payrise/bonus you deserved doesn’t help.

It’s harsh but it’s the truth.

Take all that negative energy. Turn it into a positive and start taking action.

A helping hand can make all the difference in the world.

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