The BEST Questions To Ask A CEO In A job Interview.

The BEST Questions To Ask A CEO In A job Interview.

Today, I want to tell you about the best questions to ask CEOs during job interviews.

The problem with most interview question is that they tend to be one-sided.

And although these questions can seem great questions...

They lack the essence of what you actually need to know.

That is: information that can help you decide whether the company you're applying to is a perfect fit for you.

So what I teach my clients is this:

You need to ask questions that help you make decisions whether the company is right for you.

For example, most people just ask questions that they believe will impress the CEO, or make them appear smart.

But the answer to the question can't help them make that fundamental decision of whether or not the job or company is right for them.

For example, when you ask a CEO:

"What is your company's culture?"

They might respond with: "It's collaborative and result oriented." 

Maybe they elaborate a bit more, but most of the time, it will be a book standard answer that doesn't give you the real picture.

A better question would be something like this: "Can you give me an example where your organisation implemented an idea from an employee?"

Questions like these do two things: 

First, they give you a concrete example of how the company is open to suggestions from employees. (That they listen to their employees).

And secondly, it shows you how the company adopts and implements new ideas and is open to doing things differently. (How agile the company is).

Next, I want to emphasise that, it's not because you get a "poor" answer, you don't accept an opportunity. 

(Maybe you don't have a choice and you really need a new job.)

The point is that the information you receive through your questions is going to give you a more realistic and complete picture of the type of organisation you might be joining.

Too often people accept an offer only to realise a few months in that the job is not what they had expected.

And this is 97% because they didn't ask the right questions in the interview.

Here's what I want you to do next:

Think of three (or more) things that you find important in a company.

For example, innovation, flexibility and compensation.

Next, think about questions you can ask that provide you with an answer (information) that enables you to decide if the company is innovative and flexible.

The idea behind these kinds of questions is that they are NOT book standard questions.

They cannot be answered with stock answers that offer no substantial information, which brings us to the final point here: Detecting BS answers.

CEOs (or any hiring manager) can give answers that don't offer substantial information, and you need to detect such answers whenever they're given.

When you encounter these questions, be prepared to ask for a clarification or better yet have a follow-up question.

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Okay, that's it for now! It was great talking to you today again guys. Thanks so much and speak to you soon. Bye!