Personal Branding For Career Success 

A 5-week coaching program to help senior managers shape their personal brand, increase their visibility and drive their career to new heights!

You’re Not A Piece Of Office Furniture.

Are you looking for the next step in your career but you can't seem to move forward... 

When you talk to recruiters, you are either pigeonholed or the recruiter doesn’t really get what you do.

You are not standing out, getting countless of rejections, getting bypassed for promotions and struggling to get real feedback from anyone.

…and to be honest, it frustrates the hell out of you.

You thought you would NEVER be in this situation…

You start to question if you made the right career choices...

You wonder if you’ve missed the boat, if it's too late for you...

You’re doubting yourself and losing your self-confidence…

You’ve worked hard all your life, gone above and beyond. Made SO many sacrifices... it's not fair that you’re in this situation… and it wasn’t supposed to be like this...

And you’re right… it doesn’t have to be like this.

I've worked for more than a decade as a recruiter and HR professional and I've seen brilliant professionals, like you, struggling to express themselves to recruiters, HR and decision makers.

I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of experienced and ambitious professionals from all industries and all over the world and helped them transform their career and achieve their goals. 

I helped them and I can help you too...

Introducing: Personal Branding For Career Success. 

A 5-week program for senior managers who want to create a personal brand that drives their career to new heights! 

After this program, you’ll finally:

  • Be able to communicate your unique value proposition. You'll know exactly WHY someone should hire or promote you.
  • Have authentic self-marketing material (resume, cover letter and LinkedIn) that stands out and makes your competition irrelevant.
  • Be able to pitch yourself in a way that’s so powerful yet feels authentic and makes the perfect first impression in an interview, networking event or when you introduce yourself to executives.
  • Have an online and offline presence that does the heavy lifting for you so that headhunters sought you out for new and exciting career opportunities.
  • Be able to cultivate a reputation that enables you to influence the right people so that you are the obvious choice for that promotion. 

Time to create your personal brand by design, not default.

Here's what you get when you join the program:

    You will have direct access to me throughout this program in 5 private coaching sessions that will help you to make rapid shifts in your career. My private coaching program has been fully booked for months and I only take on a small number of private clients to ensure you get the best results.
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    5 x Career Implementation Projects. The four career implementation projects are delivered over four weeks. Each project consists of videos and worksheets, designed to rapidly craft your personal brand with all the support I can give you along the way.
  • 5 x Implementation Workbooks: These workbooks are designed to help you take action after each training module. No guessing. Just a checklist on how to implement your new knowledge to move you one step up the career ladder.
  • Unlimited email support & feedback
    You will be submitting the critical pieces of your self-marketing material to me and in return you will be receiving  feedback on how to improve your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

The Program Outline:

PRE-WORK: Get Crystal Clear

Before you can move forward you need to become aware of what has been holding you back. It’s so important to have the right foundation. 

  • check
    Identify your personal and professional needs
  • check
    Identify the challenges and blocks you are experiencing
  • check
    Become self-aware and learn how to clear what is not serving you

WEEK ONE: Career Mapping

To secure your ideal job or get a promotion, you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively what your added value is. In this session you will:

  • check
    Learn to articulate your key skills and strengths
  • check
    Learn to communicate your added value to a team or organisation
  • check
    ​Highlight the most relevant work experience in your career

WEEK TWO: Values

​Really getting to understand what truly matters to you, your WHY. So many of us only focus on a bunch of external things we can do to accelerate our career.

We forget to look inside. You will only experience true success and fulfilment in your career when you are absolutely authentic and aligned with your values, purpose and vision. In this session you will:

  • check
    Identify your personal and career values and ensure they are aligned
  • check
    Uncover what you love and dislike
  • check
    Understand your key motivators

WEEK THREE: The Perfect Pitch

Create a powerful pitch that feels authentic and makes the perfect first impression every time to executive teams. ​
This is the foundation of your personal brand. You'll use it to introduce yourself, on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or a networking event.

In this session you will:

  • check
    Define your value proposition
  • check
    Craft your perfect pitch (aka your elevator pitch)

WEEK FOUR: Authentic Self-Marketing

Shape your personal brand so that you can increase your visibility, influence and credibility. The way you market yourself will define the opportunities you attract and are considered for. 

In this session you will:

  • check
    A unique and persuasive career statement 
  • check
    A resume that stands out from other equally qualified candidates 
  • check
    An engaging cover letter that perfectly complements your resume   
  • check
    An impressive LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters to approach you for job opportunities 

Isn't it Time To Make Some Overdue Changes?

How much is a lack of clarity and unclear messaging costing you? How many promotions have you missed? How many times have you been bypassed by a colleague? How many job applications have you send only to be rejected a few hours later? How many potential employers can’t hear you in the sea of noise? How many recruiters are passing up your resume? Can employers understand why they should hire or promote you? The lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

The biggest transformation was in realising that what I brought to the table is unique and more importantly, when positioned correctly, is very attractive to employers.

I was feeling underappreciated and unrecognised for bringing 110% to my role and didn’t know how to break out of the rut and take my career to the next stage. I was a senior manager and earning six figures but I felt I could achieve so much more. The biggest transformation was in realising that what I brought to the table is unique and more importantly, when positioned correctly, is very attractive to employers.

Sharmin Jassal

Communication & Marketing Leader

I finally connected the dots and realised the worth of my skills and experience and I stopped underselling myself!

My one on one with Caroline was definitely my biggest aha moment as I was still underselling myself and once I started looking for roles in line with Caroline’s recommendation I realised I could do the job.

Denise Morrow

Business Improvement Manager


  • You have more than 10 years' experience in corporate, government or NFP.
  • You are a Manager, Head of or Director.
  • You are looking for the next step in your career, but you don’t know how to position yourself.
  • You want to have the edge and a strong competitive advantage.
  • check
    You want to position yourself correctly to an audience that must find you compelling and relevant.
  • check
    You are friendly and coachable.


I'm worried it won't be customised enough...

Which industry is this program for? 

All situations are different, aren't they? 

How do I know this program is right for me?

Why do I need this?

This is a big decision. Can I talk to you about it before signing up?

Caroline is the key to help you unlock your potential, and understand fully the extent of
your skills, and what you really want.

She has a unique talent for guiding you with confidence through your own career path, and help you uncover the best of your self. She has a deep understanding of how you feel, what you are struggling with in your career and job search. She has an amazing grasp on your background and experience, and she knows how to extract quickly the essence of it.

Hélène Baron

Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager

This program has given me clarity of where I have been, what skills sets I have developed and what my value proposition or unique brand is. I was a bit in a holding pattern with my career and now it has cleared the air and provided a clear path to move forward.

Andrew Riolo

GM Finance and Governance Services

"I am much more confident and intelligent in my job search"

I was a career drifter, I went for roles that paid well but didn’t think about the values and fit of the organisation, or even if it was a role I was interested in. That meant I ended up working for a lot of organisations with cultures that slowly ground me down.
There were a lot of aha moments during my work with Caroline, but I think the biggest one was when I saw clearly how I’d been working at organisations that had very different values to me and could understand why it had often been a struggle to deal with the culture and ways of working.

Lynda Proud

Head of Corporate Communications

The program is very well structured, it guides you through the thought process that I needed. At the same time it also becomes very practical in terms of how to improve LinkedIn, resume etc. I have a much clearer idea of what sort of roles and companies I should consider, and have my self-Marketing materials ready to capture it when it comes along. If you are really concerned about your personal growth, don’t hesitate, dive in and let Caroline’s positive energy and experience bring you a number of steps further.

Godert Zijlstra

Commercial Executive Director

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