Not Getting A Job? The 2 BIGGEST Lies That Block Your Job Search

Not Getting A Job? The 2 BIGGEST Lies We Tell Ourselves That Block Your Job Search

Today, I want to talk about the two biggest lies we tell ourselves that block us in our job search.

The first lie we tell ourselves is: 

“My situation is different, and that makes it extremely difficult”.

For example:

“I’ve been working in the same company for so long and I find it difficult to find a new job or new role”.

“I am a specialist and most companies are looking for a generalist".

“I'm a generalist and most companies are looking for a specialist”.

“I've been out of the workforce for multiple years”.

“I’ve been made redundant”.

“I’ve been in contract roles and now I’m looking for a permanent job”.

And I get it, each situation is different. 

However, this doesn't mean it's more difficult.  It means, it needs a different approach.

The second lie we tell ourselves is 

“oh, come on, that won’t work for me”.

I'm yet to come across a situation where my process hasn't worked.

Yes, sometimes you need to become resourceful and think of ways you can make a strategy work for you.

However, often there's something else going on and it's the fear of doing things differently. 

It feels like putting yourself out there, opening up yourself and putting yourself in situations that you do not know how to deal with.

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