Job fulfilment doesn’t exist. Get on with it!

Job fulfilment doesn’t exist. Get on with it!

“What is job fulfilment, does that even exist? A job is a mean to make money, just get on with it!”

75% of people are in jobs that don’t make them happy. As long that these jobs don’t make them “unhappy”, people seem to be ok with that. It’s acceptable. Or should I say, it’s the norm?

When you graduate you have a dream, you or going to change the world, have a fantastic job you love and you are going to make a lot of money! For most of us that dream fades away very fast.

You start with an internship, not paid (or paid very little), you are expected to work crazy hours and most of the day you are doing a job you could do without your degree! That’s when reality sinks in.

You come home hoping your parents would understand but they just confirm “that this is the way it is, you better get use to it and except it”. You meet up with friends on the weekend and find out they’re all in the same boot. You realise its time for you to except and you start to believe that this is how working life is.

Time after time when we start a new job we believe that this time it will be different, this time we will have complete job fulfilment. Again, most of us find out very quickly this is not the case.

Next to the 75% of people who are in jobs that doesn’t make them happy, you have 25% that love their job.

“The lucky once”

What if luck had nothing to do with it and you had the ability to turn your job around and make sure that every career choice you make from now on gives you 100% fulfilment.

Where in the process does it go wrong? When accepting a job offer we check:

  • role responsibilities
  • training and development
  • work life balance (what they tell you)
  • money / rewards
  • culture – what you can see superficially
  • location
  • etc…

How many people know their own values and check if the company they want to work for hold the same. These are not their corporate values but the values the people hold that work there, the people in your team and your future manager. How many know how to ask questions during the interviews to their future employer to check that these match?

Fulfilment in work comes when the life and work values that are important to you are met through your job. At the same time, the company for which you work should share at least the most important of those values. Otherwise you will experience constant turmoil and conflict, as well as a feeling that you “can’t be yourself” at work.

When we are in a relationship, we say it is important to be “on the same page”. Which basically means have the same values and often the same beliefs.

As it is important in a relationship, it’s important for your job! The level of happiness and fulfilment at work and in your job will depend on this.

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