Is Your Career Not Progressing? 2 Reasons Why You’re NOT Getting Promoted

Is Your Career Not Progressing? 2 Reasons Why You're NOT Getting Promoted

There could be a lot of reasons why you’re not getting that senior leadership position.

But what's most common with the clients I work with through the Career Success Program is that they don't have a story.

You see, the majority of my clients have more than 15 years experience. They have a diversity of skills and have done so many different things over the years… and they struggle to connect all these jobs into a story.

A story they can tell on their resume, in an interview or to stakeholders.

They can't articulate clearly to anybody why they should be hired or promoted.

And if you want to progress your career and go to that next level...

….it's very important that you are able to position yourself very clearly on the value that you can create to people that don’t know you yet.

You have to be able to connect the dots to create your story and tell them why they should hire or promote you.

So, the first part is creating your story.

The second part is owning your story.

You may have created a beautiful message, know your story, and understand the value you can create for the company, but you have to own it and be able to confidently tell that story to other people.

You don’t want to be vanilla! (And most people are!!)

You see, they like to be everything to everybody.

They don't want to upset anyone (rub them the wrong way, not being liked and so on..)

Or they have a fear of missing out.

And that's why people tend to not own their story.

But here’s the thing, being clear on what you stand for demonstrates your leadership capability.

Think about the leaders you admire, they are very clear in what they stand for whether people like it or not. That's what makes them good leaders.

You have to own your story and know what YOU stand for in order to actually stretch and progress your career to that next level.

So my question to you today is do you have a story?

Do you know what your story is?

Can you articulate very clearly and concisely in a couple of seconds what it is that people can expect from you, why they should hire you, why they should promote you, and what makes you different from all the other candidates that they might consider for that position?

And then secondly, do you own it? (Do you truly own your story?)

Is it going to be represented in everything that you do or will it confuse others?

These are the questions you need to think about for you to progress your career and get that next six-figure leadership role.


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