Influencing skills: how to increase your influence and have a bigger impact.

How to increase your influence as a leader and make a bigger impact

Have you ever found yourself trying to increase your input into projects or have your voice heard when you're in a meeting, or trying to collaborate with senior managers, only to realise they're not really taking you seriously?

You want to be recognised and respected for your leadership skills and your strategic contributions, but how do you achieve this? 

Firstly, zoom out for a bit and look at the bigger picture.

To make a difference and an impact, you need to be able to influence your stakeholders, and to do this, you need to build your credibility.

Now, despite what you may believe, this is something you have complete control of. 

Most people think credibility is simply gained by working hard and while hard work is an important component, to fully gain credibility you first need to understand exactly what it is.

Credibility is a combination of your values and your actions.

Your values need to be authentic and you need to be able to demonstrate them.

It’s the combination of these factors that build your credibility. 

Once you have identified what your values are (in particular with regard to your work), you need to demonstrate how they support and align with those of your organisation.

 And if they don’t?

You need to take the next step in your career, and find an organisation that shares your values, where your credibility will be proven in no time.

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