I Need a Job! The Uncertainty of Unemployment.

I Need a Job! The Uncertainty of Unemployment.

The uncertainty of being unemployed. 

It’s so frustrating!

And you’re probably repeatedly refreshing the career website pages to see if new jobs have been advertised. 

You're obsessing over interviews, jobs and recruiters, when all you want is to be calm and confident, and more than anything, you don't want to be worried about the fact that no money is coming in. 

What I see, and what I want you to understand is, nothing good will come from desperate energy. 

Think about a desperate person. What do you feel? 


You want to help but you don't feel confident that giving that person a leadership role with key responsibilities is ideal, do you? 

That desperation is what I want you to step away from. 

So, the three strategies I teach my clients are:

First off, zoom out. Look at the bigger picture and make a plan - and applying online and crossing your fingers is not a plan!

With that approach your resume will end up in a recruiter’s inbox, swamped among countless other applications, or pigeonholed because you’re not selling your full potential on your resume. 

So make a plan that includes how you can be proactive, how you can raise your profile, how you can navigate the job market and how you can network.

Secondly, zoom back in. What are your daily activities?

Instead of constantly obsessing day in, day out about the results you want, assess how you can break that up into actionable steps that you can take each day, or each week, to get the results you want.

And thirdly, the most important thing.

Your mindset, because, like I said before, nothing good will come from a mindset of desperation.

You need to have a mindset of abundance, and whenever fear and worry enter your mind, you need a strategy to counteract those negative feelings. 

That could be through meditation - to calm your mind, take control and reassess what's really happening, or it could be through using affirmations because negative self-talk isn’t going to serve you. 

This is not an impossible task. You just need to know the right steps to regain control.

You have all the skills, experience and the capability to get that perfect job, but it's up to you to believe in yourself. 

If this resonates with you, or you know somebody that needs to hear this message, please like and share. The fear of not having a job can be really debilitating, so the more people I can help on this matter, the better. 

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