How To Sell Yourself In Your Resume

how to sell yourself in your resume

How To Sell Yourself In Your Resume

It’s not just your resume. It’s everything else.

You don’t want to think about how many copies of your resume you’ve sent out. But it’s a numbers game, isn’t it?

50 applications later and you’re pretty confident one of them will be your dream job.

You even started composing your resignation speech in your head.

But it’s the same response every time.

“You submitted an excellent application, we just had so many great candidates”

Sure, sometimes there really are a lot of talented candidates. But that job should have been yours.

I’m going to let you in on something; there are three big reasons you missed out.

1. You failed to get your message across. In other words, you lack a personal brand.

This is what your application will be remembered for. This is what will make the recruiter keep reading beyond the first few lines.

Most people are very confusing. What seems straightforward to you isn’t clear to others. Sure, you’ve listed out your great experiences and skills, but the recruiter can’t figure out how you fit into the leadership team.

If you don’t connect your experiences with the new position. If it’s unclear how your skills will transfer into the new role. You’ll get passed up and the recruiter will move on to other obvious candidates.

2. You didn’t come across as authentic.

Recruiters get a hundred applicants trying to tell them what they think they want to hear.

What’s refreshing is when someone feels genuine. There’s no point landing a position based on a false sense of who you are. This will only lead to disappointment from both you and the company.

I know you don’t intentionally do this but what you think is genuine is actually the same story the recruiter has heard from hundreds of other applicants.

The story sounds cliche and generic.

To make a real impact you must define your unique value proposition.

That’s when you become truly authentic.

3. You lack confidence and clarity.

Be clear and self-assured in communicating what you want or nobody will know. Seems simple. Isn’t necessarily.

Most of my clients take their skills and experience for granted.

Big mistake.

When you take your skills for granted, you undermine your value.

When you undermine your value, your career won’t budge. Even if your boss champions your work.

I’ve spent years reviewing job applications and seen hundreds of people just like you.

People who keep missing out on their dream jobs because they have no idea how to make themselves irresistible to recruiters.

Get on top of these three things and I promise you’ll become the applicant that stands out.

How about we have a chat? I can help you define what you want next in your career and focus on how to package it up flawlessly.

Don’t waste any more time on applications that won’t lead you to exactly where you want to go.

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