How To Rebuild Your Mojo After A Bad Workplace Experience.

How To Rebuild Your Mojo After A Bad Workplace Experience.

Recovering after a traumatic incident at work can be extremely difficult.

And traumatic incidents can range from being let go, to being pushed out, being performance managed out, having experienced a toxic environment and bullying.

These things drastically affect your confidence which can be difficult to rebuild.

And having that confidence back to actually put yourself out there again is extremely important in moving your career forward despite the setback.

So, there’s one critical part that I want to share with you so you are able to start building that confidence back up. That part is to detach yourself emotionally. And this can be done in three steps.

Acknowledge that what is is and what happened happened

Detaching yourself emotionally is very difficult.

Most people who have experienced something traumatic at work go over and over in their heads about what happened.

But ruminating does nobody any good and the person that suffers the most from that is you. 

So the first step to take is to acknowledge that what is is and what happened happened.

It's acknowledging that going around in circles only hurts you.

Detach yourself emotionally

The second thing that you need to do is to start detaching yourself. And this is the hardest part because emotionally detaching yourself almost feels impossible. 

The reason why it feels impossible is often you'd made a compromise.

You compromised on your family time, on your friends time, and on your time for yourself.

You compromised on your boundaries to do something for your job and then you feel like you're being let down.

To counteract that, the thing that you need to do is to detach yourself.

Detaching yourself doesn't mean that you have to be cold-blooded and that you don't engage with your colleagues in your company.

It means that you have to understand that things happen and that decisions are made. And whether you agree with these decisions or not is irrelevant.

It's about you emotionally protecting yourself and being detached from the outcome.

You do your best to show up, you serve, you contribute to the best of your ability, but you do not compromise on your own integrity and on your own boundaries.

Don’t compromise on your boundaries

The pain of you compromising on what’s important to you is why it's vital that there's a third step, to have your boundaries and to not compromise on them. 

Have your family time, have your friends time, have your personal care, and have your personal boundaries. Because that is at the end what will stay with you.

Not the job, not your career, not anybody, but you. You have to look after yourself first.

Never compromise on your boundaries. It doesn't mean that you don't have to be fully engaged and fully motivated.

It means that emotionally you protect yourself and that you think of you, your boundaries, and your integrity first. And that you work with that within the work environment.


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