Coaching for Professionals who want to make an impactful impression!

Optimise Your Resume For Maximum Impact!

Imagine you could feel


That you will be interviewed for jobs that truly value and match your expertise and ambitions


To receiving job offers at the top end of the salary range for jobs you’re interviewing.


Knowing your resume is a complete and unique representation of you

But instead…

You are worrying about submitting a mediocre resume that misrepresents or even undersells you every time you hit the “apply” button.

You know that if you can not get your message across that you can do the job, you’re not going to be interviewed.

With Resume Coaching, you won’t need to worry any longer.

You’ll have a resume that effectively communicates what your added value is and clearly states your key skills, talents and achievements.

A resume that highlights those parts of your career so that there is no question about your seniority and the salary you’re looking for.

You’ll learn to master the key skills to create a stand out, eye catching and popping resume – and believe me, once you master these skills, you’ll be able to rewrite, tailor and customise your resume each time you are looking for a new job.

Who is it for?

This 2-hour resume coaching is for talented and ambitious professionals who have struggled with selling their brilliance on their resume.

It’s also for professionals who already have a good resume but want to make it A+ stand out every single time.

It is not for people who are looking to have their resume written by a resume writer.


Recruiters Reached Out To Me!

Caroline helped me position myself perfectly for future opportunities.

This is evident from the fact that recruiters started reaching out to me for discussing opportunities after I put out my new brand (something which never happened before!).

Preeti Inchody Senior Director, Corporate Finance

These 2 hours can literally mean the difference in you getting hired for your ideal job or getting overlooked, again.

So you can stop being afraid of not cutting it!

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. You want to be darn sure it’s the right one!

I am a recruitment specialist with more than a decade of experience in Europe and Australia. I reviewed thousands of resumes from all different industries and all levels of seniority. I know exactly what employers are looking for when they first lay eyes on your resume. And more importantly,I know what triggers them to say yes and schedule an interview with you.

I helped hundreds of professionals optimise their resume and helped them be the winning candidate.


Already had a return on the money I spent

My resume was a bit old fashioned. We fine tuned my resume. A simple two pages that was easy to read and clearly communicated my skills and expertise. I sent it out and four out of five came straight back to me. What a difference.

It does feel like a big investment but your career is worth it. I've already had a return on the money I spent. - Sydney, Australia

Megan Bishop Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Here’s how Resume Coaching for Managers & Executives works

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with pre-work for you to do. This pre-work will give me insights into what’s going on and what you’re looking to achieve.

You’ll also be able to book in straight away two sessions of one-hour resume coaching

    • After working together, you’ll walk away understanding the psychology behind a resume
    • You’ll know exactly how to make your resume stand out
    • The key questions you need to answer before you begin writing your resume
    • We’ll review all the fundamentals that make your resume pop – this includes resume layout and important keywords
    • You’ll learn how to write a powerful career statements
    • I’ll share with you a proven to work, easy to follow, plug and play template and a checklist for future reference (I use this every single time)
    • You’ll get up to 3 revisions of your resume
    • And for those who are interested, I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and give you practical feedback and actionable tips.

I have a new job!!! I can ever so excitedly tell you, that I have a new job!!! And it’s for a large multi-national; in a national role; only 20 mins from home. Just what I wanted. ? I followed your advice with sitting down and writing out all that information and it was so empowering to get all that straight in my head. Thank You!” – Ali

But Caroline,

I can just do it myself…

While a lot of professionals believe they can write a winning resume, the truth is that the majority of resumes don’t even pass the initial screening process.

Do I really need this?

Only you can answer this question, but let me ask you this: are you willing to miss out on the perfect job because of an average resume?

Why shouldn’t I just hire a resume writer?

I love this one and yes, a lot of people do but hiring someone to write your resume for you will not empower you to speak effectively to your resume at interviews and it also won’t equip you to update and tailor your resume for future roles.

It’s quite an investment….

Yes you are right, and it’s not for everyone. But, if working together gets you a new job that gives you an increase of as low as 5K you have your return on investment. Also, after working together you’ll be able to write a stand out resume time and time again


I advanced my career into senior leadership

Caroline helped me examine my career goals with clear process and strategic tools as my career is advancing into senior leadership. Her experiences and insights in recruitment and industry allowed her to give real-life perspectives to challenges.

Geoffrey O. ANZ Product and Marketing Manager

I have improved significantly my confidence and skills.

Working with Caroline has been not just a great learning experience, but also a very intense process in which I have improved significantly my confidence and skills when it comes to writing my own resume.

Esther Lozano Multimedia Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker

And, there is an amazing bonus!

As part of our work together, I review your LinkedIn profile.

We will completely transform and optimise your profile so you make a stand out impression online!

By optimising your Linkedin profile you make sure you can be found and you double your chances to be approached, referred and headhunted.

Investment – $997

I only take 4 clients at a time – so don't hesitate and schedule a free call now


Caroline has a fantastic understanding of the executive mindset.

I really enjoyed working with Caro. In addition to adopting a robust methodology, she has a fantastic understanding of the executive mindset, a great sense of empathy and thorough knowledge of the market. If you are looking for a caring attitude, skill and someone who is focused on results rather then watching the clock Caroline is the one.

John ... Sales & Marketing Director