How To Get Promoted To Executive Director

How To Get Promoted To Executive Director

Vanessa was on top of her game, she was known in the company to get things done, to solve complex problems… her team loved her and she had a great relationship with her boss.

To be honest, Vanessa was the picture of success.

But, while she had everything under control, and it might have looked like her career was on track… She wasn't getting ahead.

She wasn't sure what was blocking her and what she needed to change.

When we started working together, we discovered she was sabotaging her own career.

After we fixed the four mistakes she was making, it positively impacted her reputation in the company and influence with the executive team.

Not to mention the confidence boost she got. And the result was amazing, eight months after we reshaped her personal brand, Vanessa was promoted to director.

So, let's talk about these 4 mistakes because you might not even be aware you're making them!

SELF-SABOTAGING MOVE NO. 1: Focussing too much on the operations.

The challenge is that you're positioning yourself as the perfect workhorse but not necessarily as the person, the executives see as their next leader. 

SELF-SABOTAGING MOVE NO. 2: Letting emotions drive you. 

It’s not who you like or not.

Or how you feel or how others make you feel.

You boss might be a micromanager, your work environment might be toxic, the key is to detach yourself instead of letting emotions drive you because the truth is, you might not be able to change the situation.

SELF-SABOTAGING MOVE NO. 3: Taking yourself for granted. 

Whatever justification you have for tolerating being underutilised, underpaid or undervalued it’s not sustainable in the long run.

Slowly but surely your self-confidence will start to slip away.

SELF-SABOTAGING MOVE NO. 4: Feeling like an imposter. 

You might not have (in your mind) the right education, the skills and knowledge others in the company have but there is no reason to feel like an imposter.

You need to see what others see because as long as you don’t, you’ll keep playing small and you'll not get ahead or stand out.

Now, have a think about it, which mistake(s) are you making?

And, what is it really costing you to not get that promotion or that job?

If you would be able to make the right changes, would that change the direction of your career?

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