How To Feel Valued, Respected And Fulfilled At Work

How To Feel Valued, Respected And Fulfilled At Work

A lot of people make bad career choices and end up in work situations where they are feeling undervalued, unchallenged and unfulfilled. 

And, because they feel this way, they stop engaging at work...

They feel demotivated and drained. 

Now, I understand that there are countless of reasons why people stay in situations that actually aren't helping them.

They could be unsure about finding something as good as their current job or they are scared to take financial risk... either way, they suck it up and stay.

But more often, the longer they stay, the more their confidence starts to slip away.

They end up feeling stuck.

And it starts to affect other areas of their life. Their health, their social life and the way they show up for their family and friends.

So, if this resonates with you, if you're in a similar situation...

Here's what you can do next! 

1. Be clear on your values

Know what they mean to you and how you want them to be represented at work. 

How do you want your boss to behave? Your colleagues and your peers? 

Find your values and understand what they mean.

If you want to find an organisation where you feel valued, it is extremely important that they have the same value system as you.

It's the key to actually being in a role that fulfils and challenges you.

2. Think about interview questions that you can ask an interviewer that would give you an idea whether those values match or not.

You have to be creative in how you're going to ask your interview questions to get information that enables you to make an informed decision.

Most people just ask general questions that don't provide them with any useful information. But, I can guarantee you that this is HOW you can make sure there is alignment or misalignment.

3. Take action: 

Now it's your turn. First, make a list of your values at work (what they mean and how you want them to be represented) and two, create interview questions around them that you can ask in an interview. 


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