How To Create An Impressive Career Summary

How To Create An Impressive Career Summary

Hey, It's Caroline, your Career Coach and Mentor.

The biggest mistake most people make when they write their career summary is letting others make assumptions about the things that they can do.

Because they haven't connected the dots.

The problem is when you do this, you risk that people make the WRONG assumptions and therefore you don't stand out or you might attract the wrong jobs.

For example, jobs that don't pay the salary you are after or are not at the right level.

Or worse, both.

In today video, I want to walk you through the 4-key components when writing a compelling and powerful career summary.

Here's a summary of the video: 

Your career summary should clearly articulate who you are and what value you create, as well as the things you specialise in, your seniority, and your experience in managing teams.

Here's the structure: 

1. Macro Promise

Capture people’s attention immediately by stating what you can do for an organisation.

One of the biggest mistakes in creating a career summary is letting people make an assumption about the things that YOU can do.

Because you haven't connected the dots for them. 

Use the first two to three lines of your career statement to talk about the problem that you can solve and for which types of organisations.

2. Micro Promise

Here, you’ll break down your macro promise into more specific areas.

Focus on the areas that you specialise in and talk about the ways on how you can deliver that big picture promise that you just made.

Break down the value that you can create for an organisation into micro components and tell them how you could help solve their problems.

3. Stakeholders

In this part, take the opportunity to highlight the people whom you like to work with and whom you have collaborated with.

4. Team

This is the last part of your career summary and it’s where you talk about your leadership and management style.

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