How To Connect With A Stranger On LinkedIn Without Seeming Creepy?

How To Connect With A Stranger On LinkedIn Without Seeming Creepy?

Hey guys, it’s Caroline, your career coach and mentor.

Today, I want to share an insight that I was discussing with one of my clients who’s going through the Career Success Program.

 Here is her question:

“How can I connect with total strangers on LinkedIn without looking like a stalker or a total freak?”

This is a concern that many people have, especially those on the senior management level.

I’ll share with you some guidelines on what’s appropriate and acceptable regarding this matter.

The first thing to do is look at the number of connections people have.

If they have 150 connections or less, it means that they are very deliberate with the people in their network.

It also means that they’re not active on LinkedIn and they’re not necessarily using LinkedIn as a platform to network.

Of course there are exceptions but this is the general practice.

When somebody has between 350 and 500 connections, they are a little bit more active but they are still a little bit cautious about the invitations that they will accept.

So when you send out your invitation, you should always have a description that tells why you’re connecting with that person. (This should be done regardless of the amount of connections that they have.)

If somebody has over 500 connections, then they are very aware of how LinkedIn works as a social platform.

So if you make a really good introduction in your description, then you have high chances that they’ll accept your invitation.

Here are two more tips for you:

  • Focus on the mutual connections.

There’s a 70% chance of people accepting your invitation if you mention a mutual connection.

  • Look for people that have the acronym LION beside their name.

LION stands for LinkedIn Open Network and the people with this tag are very open to connecting with other people to expand their network.

I hope these tips helped you.

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