How To Build Employee Assets And Not Liabilities.

How To Build Employee Assets And Not Liabilities.

Interview with Director of Employee Matters, Natasha Hawker.


Today on the show we have Natasha Hawker, and Natasha is going to talk to us about How to build Employee Assets and not liabilities.

Natasha is the Director of Employee Matters, she’s also a speaker and Author. With over 25 years’ experience she is an expert in employment relations, recruitment, performance management, terminations and mediation.

Natasha is routinely featured in the SMH, ABC Radio and The Huffington Post and she is a regular writer for Flying Solo and HerBusiness Network.

She has an impressive background and we are honoured to have her on the show!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 9-step employee asset model
  • Why employee relations and HR best practice are so important.
  • The short- and long-term consequences of a broken employee relations and HR practice.
  • The key elements to building a high preforming culture.
  • The 3-step strategy to rebuild the trust of your team and increase engagement.
  • The concerning truth about mental health in the workplace and what we can do about it.

Bonus Resource: The 9-Step Employee Asset Model

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