How To Build A Personal Brand That Stands Out And Gets Noticed!

How To Build A Personal Brand That Stands Out And Gets Noticed!

Hi, it’s Caroline, your career coach and mentor.

Today, I want to talk to you about how to build a personal brand that boosts your career.

When one of my clients came to me, it was the first time she heard about how she could use her personal brand to attract the right type of roles.

In this video I walk you through the exact three steps she took to create an authentic personal brand that finally got her interviews for the roles she applied for. 

Here's a summary: 

1. Reflect on yourself to figure out what you want to achieve in your career and how that’s going to
be aligned in your life.

Your career and life is one thing. Because they work together, you need to make sure that there’s balance between them.

My client has 18 years’ experience and over those years, she gained a lot of skills that were

I helped her connect the dots between all her skills and experiences and what values they can create
for an organisation.

We created that perfect pitch, which is known in the business world as the elevator pitch and it’s the
foundation of everything.

Once we get clear on what the perfect pitch was, we translated it into her resume, cover letter and
LinkedIn profile.

2. You self-marketing material needs to be congruent.

Honestly, that’s the biggest problem that I see with senior managers with a wealth of experience
under their belt.

They don’t have a theme or a core message.

They don’t know how to package up all their experience in such a way it’s not confusing for the
other person.

3. Create a strategy.

Now that we have created a personal brand that’s clear and authentic, all she needs is a good
strategy to get somewhere.

We optimised her LinkedIn profile and used that platform to connect with relevant people.

See you soon. Bye!

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