How Do You Become An Executive? 4 Mistakes To Avoid!

4 BIG MISTAKES That Keep Leaders Stuck in Their Job & Career

Did you know there are really only four reasons preventing you from getting a leadership role?

You might be making one, or all, of these mistakes, but until you sort these out, chances are you’re not going to move on to the level you know you deserve and are capable of.

I wanted to talk about these four mistakes because I see them being made by so many of my clients that are going through The Career Success Program.

Once we solve these problems, we some fantastic results, fast!

The four big mistakes I see are:

Number 1: Playing too small. 

You need to know what you have achieved and be proud of it - you deserve it.

If you don't recognise it, nobody will and you need to take ownership of that, because that is the way you are going to progress your career.

I see this all the time. Senior managers take their own skills and experience for granted. They think, “Oh, wouldn't anybody do it like that?”

They don't recognise what they have built up over the years because they have been doing it so long. 

Number 2. Not having a strategy. 

Most people rush in to their job-searching and just pray to the gods and hope it will work, or they think working harder will mean achieving that leadership role - but that’s rarely the case.

You need to plan a clear path to get where you want to be, and to do that, you need to create a strategy.

View your career as a system to understand the different components you need to have in place to achieve your goal.

Your strategy needs to include positioning yourself as a stand-out candidate, creating an interview-securing resume and optimising your LinkedIn profile so you get head-hunted.

It's also about mastering interview techniques, because everybody at your level will have good interview skills.

You need to up your game so you nail the interview and get the job at the end of it. 

Number 3. Not having your story. 

Why should somebody hire you?

Because if you don't know your story, if you don't know what makes you different from all the other candidates, then they won't know.

You will use that story in your resume, your LinkedIn profile and your interview to actually introduce yourself.

Your story threads all those essential components together and makes you more human, more interesting and more memorable.

Number 4. Being all over the place. 

Confusion is your enemy.

Nobody hires you, or even promotes you, if they are confused about what you can do.

A lot of people I work with through The Career Success Program have more than 15 years experience and often they try to communicate everything they’ve ever done in their career.

This confuses employers.

You need to condense those 15 years into a relatable conversation.

You need to identify the main achievements and offerings you're going to focus on and streamline them to communicate in a logical and relatable way. 

So those are the four big mistakes. 

If this has resonated with you, and you want to find out how I can help you, I have an eight week program in which I work with you one-on-one, where we address these four big mistakes in detail.

We create your story, what you stand for, why people should hire or promote you and assess how you can sell yourself.

Then we raise your profile, using LinkedIn, your resume and your network so you stand out and can land your next six-figure leadership role.

If you're interested in finding out more, message me on LinkedIn, make contact through my website or call me direct so we can have a chat about where you are, where you want to be, the road blocks in between, and how I can help and support in you getting there quicker, better and faster.


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