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The best time to ask for a salary increase.

Salary Increase

When do you ask for a salary increase? When you are unhappy and thinking of leaving your job? When you are long enough with the company? Or when you receive another offer ? Or do you simply ask when it’s “that time of the year”? Or, you never ask? This is what typically happens; you […]

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Guest post: A fail-proof guide for achieving your goals.

We often intend to do something, but fail to actually do it. Have you noticed that? This is particularly noticeable to those of us who set New Year’s resolutions. We sprinkle them around liberally, as though they’re fairy dust. Then, unlike the dust that tends to accumulate around my house, the resolutions disappear, leaving no […]

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Key ingredients to love your job!

love your job

Everyone wants to love their job right? What if I tell you there is an easy formula everyone can apply to find or create their dream job and career! People who love their job have one specific thing in common, their job is fully aligned with what is important to them, whether it is the […]

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Search for happiness.


Is happiness the ultimate feeling? Everything we do, seems to be in light of achieving maximum happiness. We want to feel happy in our relationship We want to be happy at work and in our job We want to be happy with our life When I’m happy, I feel I can conquer the world! I […]

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The grudge you hold after being performance managed.

performance managed

The process of performance management can be a tedious process for both the manager and the employee. It is never pleasant and I only know a handful of cases where it worked out really well and transformed employees that went off the rails. Most of the time, an employee that is performance managed moves on […]

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5 steps to overcome fear freeze!


Whether you are thinking about a career change or you already took the step, a new direction is likely to bring some level of fear and uncertainty. Fear to loose financial stability, fear if it doesn’t work out, fear to loose face or fear of your own abilities. Fear is the number one emotion that […]

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Last Minute Career Cleanse!


Time is ticking away and all of a sudden, you realise your career is going nowhere!  No need to panic! If you just woke up from your winter sleep and your career just hasn’t been your focus or priority till now, this last minute career cleanse will kick you into gear in no time! Your cleanse should […]

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Is that little voice in your head driving you insane?

voice in your head

“Maybe I shouldn’t change?” “What if it doesn’t work out?” “What if I fail” “What if they fire me in my probation period?” “I shouldn’t complain, at least I have a job!” A little voice in your head is constantly challenging your decision to move forward.  It seems safer to stay where you are, it […]

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Don’t let yourself down, ban procrastination in 2014!


Every year, millions of New Year resolutions are made. This year will be no different. These resolutions have the purest intentions, the highest drive and the biggest motivation behind them. Unfortunately, on average, one month later, most of these resolutions become a good intention, two months later they are becoming a far memory and by […]

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How the blame game blocks your career.


Don’t we all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes? Which external factors are responsible for your current situation, feelings or behaviour? Your boss for not getting that promotion, or The economy for the lack of jobs, or Resources, money or time for your lack of success Colleagues for their stupidity? A “healthy” dose of blaming and […]

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Job fulfilment doesn’t exist. Get on with it!

Job Fulfilment

“What is job fulfilment, does that even exist? A job is a mean to make money, just get on with it!” 75% of people are in jobs that don’t make them happy. As long that these jobs don’t make them “unhappy”, people seem to be ok with that. It’s acceptable. Or should I say, it’s […]

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Is your personal branding good enough to get that job!

Personal Branding

“If you are not already a business or industry “fashion” expert and you do not have the latest and greatest resume strategies down pat then it would be well worth your while to get some help!” When it comes to your career: first impressions really are everything First impressions say everything, in a survey of […]

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MBA to enhance your career?

MBA to enhance your career

  I’ve been asked many times by clients if an MBA would help them to enhance their career.  The best answer to this question is to identify what you want to achieve and what you are looking to get from your MBA.  On average an MBA cost $50 000 AUD, it takes minimum a year […]

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Just arrived in Australia and looking for a job?


Having been in this situation myself, I can assure you this is the start of a great new beginning. It can be very daunting to arrive in a new country… different expectations, culture and people.  Where to start?! New Horizon Coaching can help you kick-start your new life.  From organising your resume to appeal to […]

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Are you stuck in “Job Comfort”

Job Comfort

In my 10 years as a recruiter, I had many candidates that came to me saying they wanted a change, a new opportunity, something different.  Not many knew what they were looking for and the majority ended up in a similar job and environment.  At the end of the day, they swapped a position for a […]

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