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How to find your strengths & how to use them to stand out?

how to find your strengths

How to find your strengths?  The difference between being successful in your job and just being average is the ability to completely use all of your strengths.  When you think about it, it’s logical.  In most cases, you love the thing you are good at. It’s then very normal that when you have a job or a project that […]

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Career Decision Making : When to Go with Your Gut

Career Decision Making

Career Decision Making : When to Go with Your Gut What is your gut telling you when it comes to making career decisions? Not sure about you but when it comes to talking any decision I trust my gut a lot. When I’m positive and in the flow, making career decisions come as second nature. […]

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Motivational quotes for work

motivational quotes for work

Motivational Quotes for Work Motivational quotes have the power to lighten up our week, get us through hard times and they can make everything better! Over the years I collected quotes that really motivated me at work. I share them with my clients and now I’d like to share them with you. Motivational quotes for […]

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Best Job Search Sites

Best job search sites

Best Job Search Sites Times have changed and so should your job search. It’s time to diversify the places you search for open opportunities! Last time you looked for a job, you probably only looked on one job board and you probably only had to make a couple of applications to receive a job offer. […]

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Thinking of Changing Jobs?

Thinking of changing jobs

Thinking of changing jobs? Are you feeling like a battery hen at work? Being just a number at work? Feeling that nothing you do matters? You could come naked to work and nobody would even notice?  They would probably notice 🙂 You can’t be creative and think outside the box because the chance is big […]

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Power of your mind vs Success in your career

Power of your mind vs Success in your career

Think you’re tired and you feel tired Think you’re overwhelmed and you’ll be overwhelmed Think you’re stressed and you’ll be stressed Your mind is powerful and can make you believe anything you want. Reality or not.   What if, what you believe is a negative perception and this perception keeps you stuck in your way. […]

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10 reasons and 5 occasions to smile at work to stand out.

Smile at work to stand out

 “A smile costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.” – Dale Carnegie. You forget to smile in an anxious or stressful situation, when you are pushed outside your comfort zone or when you are going to have […]

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Building your Personal Brand at Work

Building your Personal Brand at Work!

 “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, Founder of How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd or your peers? 6 Reasons Why Building your Personal Brand at Work should be your priority! Whether you are seeking a new job and competing with hundreds of […]

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5 Step Plan on How to Change Careers.

How to Change Careers

How to Change Careers? In my last blog I described the 3 deadliest mistakes you can make when you want to change jobs. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good resource on what not to do 🙂 You have worked hard to get to where you are, but you are missing the passion for your work […]

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3 Deadliest Mistakes to make when you want to Change Jobs.

Change Jobs

These days, skills and experience aren’t unique anymore, but your personal brand is. It’s a blend of your personality, strengths, experience, talent, your values andmuch more. It is what makes you a unique employee and what makes you stand out from your peers and from the crowd. Your personal brand is what gets you opportunities. Over the […]

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What are your weaknesses? Get This Wrong, Fail The Interview.

What are your weaknesses-

You are in an interview, it is going really well. You feel a connection between yourself and the interviewer. You think you have nailed this interview. And then, the question you hoped wasn’t going to be asked: “What are your weaknesses?”.  It’s seemingly innocent but has the potential to be deadly. We all try our […]

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How to make a resume stand out!

How to make a resume stand out

How to make a resume stand out? Before you write anything, you need to think what the primary objective is of your resume. It is only one thing, to get you the interview. So, why not take this opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way? It’s naïf to think that a resume is only […]

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How to Improve Interview Skills for Job Success

Prepare interview

How to Improve Interview Skills for Job Success! You come out the interview and you think “I nailed it”! You answered all the questions right and gave the perfect examples.  You felt you were on a roll. After three days you get the notorious phone call.  You expect they are going to ask for your […]

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Looking for a challenging career?


Looking for a challenging career? Are you wondering what to do next in your career? Sometimes you don’t need a new challenge in your career, sometimes you need a new challenge in life. In your job, you can reach a point where you are able to do your work with your eyes closed, standing on […]

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Changing your Work Culture: A psychiatrist vs A manager ?

Work Culture

Changing your Work Culture? Becoming a manager was always my objective, working my but off, climbing the corporate ladder and managing a team. In a previous blog I wrote about one of thebiggest challenge I faced as a “first time manager”, being labeled: “Micro Manager”. After some initial hick-ups, I found my identity as a […]

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