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What are your weaknesses? Get This Wrong, Fail The Interview.

What are your weaknesses-

You are in an interview, it is going really well. You feel a connection between yourself and the interviewer. You think you have nailed this interview. And then, the question you hoped wasn’t going to be asked: “What are your weaknesses?”.  It’s seemingly innocent but has the potential to be deadly. We all try our […]

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How to make a resume stand out!

How to make a resume stand out

How to make a resume stand out? Before you write anything, you need to think what the primary objective is of your resume. It is only one thing, to get you the interview. So, why not take this opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way? It’s naïf to think that a resume is only […]

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How to Improve Interview Skills for Job Success

Prepare interview

How to Improve Interview Skills for Job Success! You come out the interview and you think “I nailed it”! You answered all the questions right and gave the perfect examples.  You felt you were on a roll. After three days you get the notorious phone call.  You expect they are going to ask for your […]

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Looking for a challenging career?


Looking for a challenging career? Are you wondering what to do next in your career? Sometimes you don’t need a new challenge in your career, sometimes you need a new challenge in life. In your job, you can reach a point where you are able to do your work with your eyes closed, standing on […]

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Changing your Work Culture: A psychiatrist vs A manager ?

Work Culture

Changing your Work Culture? Becoming a manager was always my objective, working my but off, climbing the corporate ladder and managing a team. In a previous blog I wrote about one of thebiggest challenge I faced as a “first time manager”, being labeled: “Micro Manager”. After some initial hick-ups, I found my identity as a […]

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Is your identity your job title?

Is your identity your job title?

  We work hard and have high expectations of what we want to achieve in our life and career. But what if you reach a stage that you are only happy if you attain an external label, a job title?  And when you have that job, you don’t want to let go of it but […]

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Meditation at Work Reduces Stress + FREE Meditation

Guided Meditation

Sometimes, you find yourselves in a situation you can’t escape. You can’t just resign because you have financial commitments, You just started a new job and it would look bad if you would change right now, so you stick around. You have security and you don’t want to have the additional stress of job hunting… […]

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Working Mum Judgment

working mum judgment

4 shifts I made to help me deal with the “working-mum-judgment” “You are not working, what happened, you used to be so ambitious?” “What! You are going back full time? Mmmm, how do you feel about leaving your baby in full time daycare?” “Oooo you are going back part time, obviously you are not that […]

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8 lessons that have changed my management style.

Management Style

 I bet you are not a micromanager, right? Isn’t it ironic, no one would say they are a micromanager but there are so many managers we call a micromanager. In the beginning of my career, my only objective was to climb the corporate ladder and become a manager. I worked hard, long hours and achieved […]

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Tutorial: How to cold call recruiters? Plus FREE Script!

Cold Call Recruiters

Tutorial: How to cold call recruiters?Click Here For Your Free Script Through my career as a recruiter, I have spoken to tens of thousands of candidates with all sorts of skills and with different levels of seniority. I noticed most candidates didn’t know what to say to position them as the best candidate for the job. Or […]

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The best time to ask for a salary increase.

Salary Increase

When do you ask for a salary increase? When you are unhappy and thinking of leaving your job? When you are long enough with the company? Or when you receive another offer ? Or do you simply ask when it’s “that time of the year”? Or, you never ask? This is what typically happens; you […]

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Guest post: A fail-proof guide for achieving your goals.

We often intend to do something, but fail to actually do it. Have you noticed that? This is particularly noticeable to those of us who set New Year’s resolutions. We sprinkle them around liberally, as though they’re fairy dust. Then, unlike the dust that tends to accumulate around my house, the resolutions disappear, leaving no […]

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Key ingredients to love your job!

love your job

Everyone wants to love their job right? What if I tell you there is an easy formula everyone can apply to find or create their dream job and career! People who love their job have one specific thing in common, their job is fully aligned with what is important to them, whether it is the […]

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Search for happiness.


Is happiness the ultimate feeling? Everything we do, seems to be in light of achieving maximum happiness. We want to feel happy in our relationship We want to be happy at work and in our job We want to be happy with our life When I’m happy, I feel I can conquer the world! I […]

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