The Career Success Program

An 8-week private coaching program to help senior managers get clear, connect the dots and stand out from the crowd so that they can land their next 6-figure leadership role.

Imagine you could feel


That you will be interviewed for jobs that truly value and match your expertise and ambitions


To receiving job offers at the top end of the salary range for jobs you’re interviewing.


Knowing your resume and LinkedIn profile are a complete and unique representation of you.

But instead…

You are
worrying about submitting a mediocre resume that misrepresents or even undersells you every time you hit the “apply” button.

You waffle when you need to explain what you do.

afraid of narrowing down your focus and you don’t know how to connect the dots so it makes sense to others.

And here’s the bad news - if you can’t get your message across, you’re not going to stand out and you’ll be missing out on great opportunities. No question about that.

That’s why I create The Career Success Program.

No more waffling. No more telling people what they want to hear. No more lack of clarity and confidence to go after what you really wanted.

It’s time to take charge of your career and create your career success path.

Through the Career Success Program, you’ll finally be able to:

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    ​Get clarity on your unique genius and value.
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    Articulate your experience in a clear, concise and irresistible way so that you get noticed for leadership roles.
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    Create authentic self-marketing that stands out and makes your competition irrelevant.
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    Communicate clearly what you do without waffling or being confusing so people "get it" right away.
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    Know what you want and create a roadmap of how to get there.

Get concrete results that propel you in your right direction regardless of your industry, learning how to market and position yourself the right way will allow you to attract your ideal jobs, and reach every subsequent goal you set.

You already have all the skills and experience—all you need to know is how to make them stand out and shine!

Exciting things start to happen for my clients after I teach them how to master the art of authentic self-marketing.

Some specific results you can expect include:

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    Create your step-by-step, entirely custom-made plan for career success
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    Build a resume and online profile that make it clear you’re ready for the opportunities you seek
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    Set clear boundaries to set the work-life balance you want
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    Create and develop your personal story and career statement
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    Feel confident that you’re communicating your key skills, strengths and achievements in the best way
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    A career strategy that’s completely aligned with what you want to achieve in your life and career.

The Career Success Program

PRE-WORK: Get Crystal Clear

Before you can move forward you need to become aware of what has been holding you back. It’s so important to have the right foundation. In our first session we:

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    Identify your personal and professional needs
  • check
    Identify the challenges and blocks you are experiencing
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    Become self-aware and learn how to clear what is not serving you

PROJECT ONE: Career Mapping

To secure your ideal job or get a promotion, you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively what your added value is. In this session you will:

  • check
    Learn to articulate your key skills and strengths
  • check
    Learn to communicate your added value to a team or organisation
  • check
    Highlight the most relevant work experience in your career


​Really getting to understand what truly matters to you, your WHY. So many of us only focus on a bunch of external things we can do to accelerate our career.

Our resume, LinkedIn profile, negotiation skills and interview skills. We forget to look inside. You will only experience true success and fulfilment in your career when you are absolutely authentic and aligned with your values, purpose and vision. In this session you will:

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    Identify your personal and career values and ensure they are aligned
  • check
    Uncover what you love and dislike
  • check
    Understand your key motivators

PROJECT THREE: The Perfect Pitch

Create a powerful 60-second summary where you clearly articulate the value you can create for a future employer.
This is the foundation of your personal brand. You'll use it on your resume, LinkedIn profile, in a job interview or a cocktail party conversation with someone who might be able to help you land a position.

In this session you will:

  • check
    Define your value proposition
  • check
    Craft your perfect pitch

PROJECT FOUR: Authentic Self-Marketing

The way you market yourself will define the opportunities you attract and are considered for. In this session you will:

  • check
    A unique and persuasive career statement that will stop recruiters in their tracks
  • check
    A resume that stands out from other equally qualified candidates 
  • check
    An engaging cover letter that perfectly complements your resume   
  • check
    An impressive LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters to approach you for job opportunities 

PROJECT FIVE: Raising Your Profile 

In this session you'll learn how to set yourself up for success:

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    Three effective job search strategies that get you more interviews
  • check
    How to identify recruiters and the most effective way to work with them and get the best result
  • check
    Master powerful LinkedIn strategies to grow your network and attract job opportunities 
  • check
    Internal networking to line yourself up for promotions 

PROJECT SIX: Powerful Interviewing & Negotiation Techniques

In this session you'll learn:​​​​​

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    How to master powerful interviews 
  • check
    Overcome obstacles and shortcomings 
  • check
    Effective negotiation techniques that get you the best outcome 
  • check
    Mock interview

What OTHER's Say

What do my past students think?

"I had the confidence to negotiate exactly what I wanted."

I had been in my role for 13 years and I got to a point where there was nowhere left to go. The management roles were based in another state and I wasn't interested in moving. When applying for roles that I knew I could do, I wasn't even getting calls for interviews. Something wasn't working. 

Biggest aha moment was after I had been offered a role that, at first, I thought was perfect. Something didn't feel right and I was preparing to turn it down. To do that I had to carefully work out why it didn't match with what I wanted.

It really helped me to know exactly what I was looking for. The next role I applied for more closely matched and I had the confidence to negotiate exactly what I wanted.

Megan Bishop

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Caroline helped me position myself perfectly for future opportunities.

This is evident from the fact that recruiters started reaching out to me for discussing opportunities after I put out my new brand (something which never happened before!).

Preeti Inchody

Senior Director, Corporate Finance

The Career Success Program includes:

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    8 x intensive one-on-one coaching sessions 
  • check
    Pre-work to help you with your self-discovery and reflection
  • check
    A full year access to the Career Success Group Program   
  • check
    Unlimited x SOS phone support (particularly useful when you have a last minute interview) 
  • check
    Unlimited e-mail support
  • check
    All the worksheets, templates, examples, and personal stories you’ll need to help you. Plus sample scripts already done for you
  • check
    Recording of all the coaching sessions so you can revisit them

At the end of the program you'll have

  • Clarity on what direction you should take
  • Knowledge of what you want and how to achieve it
  • A plan for Authentic Self-Marketing aligned with your life and career goals
  • An outstanding resume, cover letter, career statement and LinkedIn profile
  • Confidence in your interview skills
  • angle-right
    The ability to overcome your shortcomings in an interview
  • angle-right
    The ability to articulate your skills and strengths
  • angle-right
    A solid job search strategy

​So what are you waiting for?

Join the Career Success Program

The 8-Weeks Private Coaching Program: $6000 AUD

Your “Belgian Waffle” Guarantee:

Because I'm Belgian and I LOVE waffles...

I want this to be a no-brainer for you, so here’s the deal:

Start the program and if you don’t love it and it doesn’t work for you, just let me know at the end of the 2nd session and I’ll give you all your money back.

Some AMAZING results

I just wanted to share some AMAZING results some of my clients experienced once they became crystal clear on what the wanted and they’d learned how to achieve it:

After getting clear on her area of expertise, and how to articulate her added value to a potential employer, one of my clients had success with almost every resume she sent out. It took her only 5 weeks after working with me to land her dream job! Before that she had been looking for 18 months!!

Another client found herself being called by headhunters about new job opportunities after optimising her LinkedIn Profile and implementing my strategies.

By articulating his true value, another client negotiated 20K more on the salary he was offered.

​Repositioning her skills and experience led one of my clients to successfully change careers. She kept the same salary and holds a senior position in her new job.

​​Another negotiated a salary increase in his performance review and is first in line for an upcoming promotion.

And all of them have more confidence about their skills and expertise. They know what they want – and how to get it.

This could be your success! Let’s talk and see if the program is something for you. Let’s delve into what’s going through your mind – and what’s blocking you.

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