Career Development | 4 Costly Mistakes That Keep You Stuck In Your Job!

Career Development: 4 Costly Mistakes That Keep You Stuck In Your Job!

Do you feel invisible?

Do you feel like you fade away amongst your colleagues?

Do you feel no one is buying into you?

You want to stand out and be noticed, recognised and respected as a leader and be acknowledged for your skills.

So why isn’t this happening?

You could be making one, or more, of the following four mistakes that you need to avoid in order for your message to come through, so you can position yourself the right way.

Mistake Number One.

Being too afraid; too afraid to rock the boat, too afraid not to be liked by everybody, but being Mr or Ms Nice is not going to serve you if you want that next leadership position. 

Many of my participants in The Career Success Program presented as so vanilla when we first met because they didn't know how to articulate their purpose.

You need to be courageous in sharing your ideas or implementing  changes and, equally, you need to find the confidence to justify them.

This can take practice, and it’s something we cover in detail in The Career Success Program.

Mistake Number Two.

Not seeing your value and assuming the way way you work is the way everybody works.

You need to realise you are unique and, in turn, be able to communicate your unique value proposition.

You alone have certain skills and experiences that you use in exclusive ways and that combination is unique.

You owe it to yourself to get what you deserve.

Mistake Number Three.

Taking your skills and experience for granted, and not acknowledging what you have achieved in your career.

You need to revisit all the experience you have gathered throughout your career and craft it into your story. 

Mistake Number Four.

Hiding behind the belief that you can't sell yourself.

This is one of the most damaging misconceptions you can have because selling yourself is not bragging, it's about doing justice to all the skills and experience you have and being able to clearly articulate the value you can create for an organisation. 

You have a choice. You can stay stuck and invisible, or stand out, get noticed and reach your full potential. It's completely up to you.

If you’re ready to invest in Brand You, I have an eight-week coaching program where I will work with you on all the above points, and more. Let's make this happen.


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