BEST little trick to massively increase your chances of being headhunted on LinkedIn!

BEST Little Trick to Massively Increase Your Chances of Being Headhunted on LinkedIn!

Hi, it’s Caroline, your career coach and mentor.

In this video, I’m going to share with you a quick tip on how to improve your chances of getting headhunted on LinkedIn.

This is important and I want to share it with you because I found out that not a lot of people are doing this.

I reviewed the LinkedIn profile of the people I’m working with at the Career Success Program and notice a common thing among them.

I thought that if they don’t know it, then you might not know it either.

It’s such an easy thing to change but it will make a massive difference.

I’m talking about  your title.

Most people just take their current title and put it in the LinkedIn title section underneath their name.

Worse, some people even include the company that they work for in their title.

I suggest that you create a title that reflects all your skills and experience.

For example, you’ve done sales and marketing throughout your career but you’re currently in a marketing role so, why don't you put both of them in your title.

Your title doesn’t need to contain only your current job role.

Also, LinkedIn doesn’t force you to put your current company in there.

Instead, use that space to write down a benefit. 

  • Why should people hire you or interview you?
  • What can you do for an organisation?
  • What value can you create for them?

Here's why this is important: 

1. You have to do this because LinkedIn operates as a search engine.

It works with certain keywords and it optimises your profile against those keywords.

When headhunters, HR or hiring managers search on LinkedIn to find suitable talents, one of the ways you’ll come up in their search results is through your title.

2. You also need to make sure that your title is clickable to make headhunters think that you’re exactly the one that they’re looking for.

Optimise your title to be found on LinkedIn and be approached for amazing job opportunities that might not be advertised.

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Thanks so much for watch and I’ll see you next time!