BEST Little Trick to Attract Headhunters on LinkedIn

BEST Little Trick to Attract Headhunters on LinkedIn

As I was reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of the people who I work with in the career success program, I noticed a common theme.

And I thought, if they don't know it, you might not either.

And, it's such a simple thing to change, yet it will make a massive difference.

What am I talking about? Your title!

Most people simply use their current title, which is not really what you want to do.

The top of your LinkedIn profile is important real estate, and your title is part of what makes you get views on your profile by headhunters and recruiters…

... so, I suggest you create a title that reflects all your experience, skills and experience.

For example, if you have worked in both sales and marketing throughout your career, but you're currently in a marketing role, give yourself a title like “Sales & Marketing Director”.

Don't limit yourself to your current job title only.

Also, LinkedIn doesn't require you to list your current company at the top of your profile.

I suggest using that space instead to share the benefit you offer.

Tell WHY someone should interview or hire you,

What you can do for an organisation or

The value you bring. 

So it would look like this: Sales & Marketing Director + Benefit

Look at it this way, LinkedIn operates as a search engine, this means your profile needs to be optimised for specific keywords so it can be picked up in searches.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this does NOT mean just stuffing your profile with keywords. Your content needs to be compelling so it converts in someone reaching out to you.

So, when headhunters, HR staff or recruiters are looking for suitable talent on LinkedIn, your title is key because it's one of the main ways you come up in searches.

Make sure your title is clickable, too! If you’re one out of a hundred candidates you want the recruiter to say, "Yeah, this person really matches what we're looking for."

Remember, it's essential to optimise your title in order to be discovered on LinkedIn. This will help you get approached for amazing job opportunities that might not be advertised.

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