Being Underpaid? 3 BIG Consequences You Haven’t Thought About!

Being Underpaid? 3 BIG Consequences You Haven't Thought About!

If you are underpaid, there are three consequences that have a massive impact on the rest of your career.

1. The value that the company puts on that position

You might think your position is a very critical part of the company. 

But, if they thought the position was critical and that you were critical, they would pay accordingly.

Research has shown that top organisations overpay their top talent.


Because they want to retain them.

They want to make sure their top talent is not getting headhunted, poached or leave the organisation because they value that position.

So think about it. What is the value your company is putting on the position you have?

And if you are underpaid, though you believe they highly value your position, it's time to talk to your boss.

Because something definitely needs to change.

2. The impact that you are able to make within the organisation. 

Most of my clients thrive on making a real difference. 

However, when you accept a job that is underpaying you, your ability to make a real difference and impact (specifically on the strategy) might be limited because the organisation might not value the position high enough.

Often the impact you can make within an organisation is directly linked to how the company compensate the position.

Your own self-worth

You can't be happy being underpaid. 

You might work harder than any of your colleagues but at the end of the day, you receive a paycheck that doesn't reflect that effort.

THAT can't make you feel good.

How long are you going to accept that?

And what are you going to do about that?

Because it is in your control to take small actions that set the foundation to landing that next six-figure leadership role.


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