Are You Stuck In Procrastination? Here Are 3 Actionable Strategies!

Are You Stuck In Procrastination? Here Are 3 Actionable Strategies!

Are you stuck?

Are you accepting poor behaviour from your company /boss/colleagues that make you unhappy?

And... are you not sure what to do about it?

You are not alone!

So many of my clients that go through the career success program are in the same boat.

They are stuck and finding it hard to take that first step forward.

It might be because they are afraid….

Afraid that they aren't good enough.

Afraid they might not find another position.

Afraid that they won’t find another position that pays them as well as they are being paid right now….

If this resonates with you, here are three strategies to help you get unstuck and take that first step.

1. Get “Mapping”

Map things out. This in itself is going to be very clearing because this allows you to take the time to think about what you really want to achieve.

Plus, there's something magical that happens when you transfer your thoughts to paper.

Because nothing productive comes from overthinking and keeping things in your head. You're just going to go around in circles.

By transferring things onto paper, you start to create a visual map of all the options available.

Even if you think those options might not be realistic, write them down.

Writing things down activates your creativity and will get you to start being very resourceful. You start to come up with new possibilities, things you haven't thought of before!

2. Take small steps toward taking action

When you have an understanding of all the little steps that you need to take, things become less daunting.

Plus, taking the first step is easier than most people think. And don't think it needs to be the perfect first little step either.

The fact that you take action in the first place is enough.

3. Reflect, readjust and take some more action

The action that you took might not be the best, but just reflect, review, and ask yourself :

“Did that bring me closer to what I want to do? What do I need to do to adjust this process?”

Then you make a conclusion and take the next step.

It's all about baby steps that get you to start making the change you want and need.

You have to take back control instead of being a passive procrastinator and hope things will work out on their own, because, they rarely do.

Remember, it's not until you make the change that is required that transformation starts to happen.


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