5-Step Strategy To Finding Your Next Career Step.

Finding Your Next Career Step

5-Step Strategy To Finding Your Next Career Step.

What a story!

> Karen came to me because she was sick and tired of defending her resume to recruiters who didn’t understand what the heck she did.

> She was struggling as she hadn’t had to look for a new job in a decade and had no clue where to start as she had read so much conflicting information online.

> She had done so much and didn’t know how to connect the dots between all her skills and experience.

And to top this up, she didn’t just want any other job, at 43, she wanted the right next step!

A job that’s fulfilling, where she’s part of the leadership team and where she gets paid what she is worth!

Fast-forward 8 weeks later, she accepted an offer with a high-profile company, exactly what she wanted, and she negotiated 20% more than the initial offer.

I wanted to outline the exact 5-part strategy we used to achieve this:

1. She got crystal clear on what she wanted. She realised that it isn’t because she did something in the past, she still wanted to do it. By reflecting on the past, she was able to identify exactly what she wanted to do next.

2. She defined her values and how she wanted to see these values represented in a company. She also learned how to craft questions to use in an interview that aligned with these values.

3. She crafted a perfect pitch (aka elevator pitch), so she could clearly communicate on her resume and in an interview WHY someone should hire her and explain what her Unique Value Proposition was.

4. She created marketing material that was genuinely representing her (not just a bunch of words on paper), and that was selling her skills and experience!

5. She developed a job search strategy that didn’t only rely on agency recruiters and job boards, and lastly, she mastered interview skills that gave her the confidence to nail the interview.

Even though Karen’s story is fantastic, she is not the only one to get these results.

But, I’m not going to lie to you, to get these results, you need to be willing to put in the effort.

You need to be 100% committed.

What I teach, is not a magic pill.

Instead, it is a proven framework that works every time.

I want to put a group of 8 professionals together to work closely with throughout 8 weeks.

If you are interested, please reply send me an email to caroline@newhorizoncoaching.com.au so we can start our conversation.

This is your time.

Let’s make this happen.

Who am I?


I’m an Executive Recruiter and Senior HR Professional turned Career Coach and Mentor.

My speciality? I help professionals, like you, land their next 6-figure leadership role where they feel challenged, fulfilled and get the financial rewards they deserve by helping them get clear, connect the dots and stand out from the crowd.

Founder of New Horizon Coaching