3 Practical Strategies To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

3 Practical Strategies To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Are you working like crazy?? Easy 9 to 11 hours a day?

And even if you want to cut back, I bet you’re finding it extremely difficult because you’ve set a certain standard...

Well, you are not alone.

Just the other week, one of my clients came to me saying she was exhausted because she was working 10 hours a day.

She was coming home, opening her laptop and still replying to people at all hours of the night.

15 years into her career, she   feels drained.

She feels disconnected from her family and friends because she's doing so much work and it is all she can think about.

It's sad because, a job that she once really loved and was proud of became a job that she is unhappy in and can't do anymore.

So she asked, “How do I start putting boundaries? Because I have set such a high standard and people expect certain results from me. They expect that I work these crazy hours. And they keep on giving me additional responsibilities but it's not sustainable anymore. I crave the connection with my family and friends. And to get back the social life I once had.”

If this resonates with you, I want to share with you three strategies for you to get back your work-life balance.

1. Accept the fact that people will give snotty comments

When you start decreasing your work hours, people are going to give you snotty comments.

This is something that you’ll need to accept. But trust me, this might happen once, two times, maybe a few weeks, but people will get tired of it.

And people will eventually see that you deliver the same results you once did.

So it's not about spending all that time at work. It's about making sure that the results are there and that you work as efficient as possible.

2. Be clear on your boundaries

If you are not clear on your boundaries, nobody else is going to be. You have to define what your boundaries are and what they mean to you.

Do you want to leave work every day at five o'clock?

Do you say I don't want to work at home anymore? When I come home it's my time, it's family time. I do not compromise on that.

Does it mean that you only work a certain amount of hours in the week?

What does it mean to you and how are you going to set those boundaries?

3. Engage your team in your new boundaries 

When you’ve defined your boundaries, let your team know that this will how things be moving forward.

Also, have a look at all your responsibilities and think about the tasks you can delegate to someone in your team who’s ready to step up.

Even if it might seem that you don't have anybody who's ready to take the next step, people often rise to the occasion when they are given more responsibilities because suddenly that's their form of recognition.

By empowering your team, you're pushing away your workload and end up balancing it out again.


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