3 Key Insights to STOP Playing Small in Your Career

3 Key Insights to STOP Playing Small in Your Career!

Somebody recently asked me, “What advice would you give if somebody wanted to step up and land their next six figure role?” 

Are you blocking your career by playing small? I'm going to share three key insights with you on how you can change that.

In my Career Success Program I work with a lot of clients who are being bypassed for promotion.

They apply for jobs they have the skills and experience for, but they're not getting interviews, or sometimes, any feedback at all.

Or, they are being valued by their colleagues and peers but when it comes to senior management, they're not being recognised for all their hard work - and often they get underpaid. 

What they want is to be the obvious choice when a promotion comes up for grabs.

They want to get an interview for the jobs they apply for and they want a paycheck that reflects the value they create for an organisation.

But often, their strategy is to work harder in the hope their work will speak for itself. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way. 

What you want is a proven framework you can follow that you know will deliver the best result.

So, let me share with you my top three insights.

Number 1. Understand your value. 

This might seem obvious, but so many of us take our own skills for granted.

We just assume everybody will do it the way we do it and we don't see the value we create.

Think about what it is you do that continually creates results day-to-day.

Number 2. Position yourself. 

You need to position yourself to the outside world in such a way that it reflects the value you can create. What channels do you use to communicate your value?

You use your resume, your LinkedIn profile and you use yourself -  in the way you present yourself, in performance review, in an interview, at a networking event.

So, ask yourself, does how I communicate myself reflect all I can bring to the table? 

Number 3. Strategise. 

Have a strategy on how you can raise your profile and how you will navigate the job market, whether that is internally for promotion, or externally for the next step in your career. 

So, those are the three critical insights I want you to have.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to a free master class I am hosting next Tuesday at 7:30pm, EST.

It's all about what you can do to land your next six-figure leadership role. How to profile yourself. How to create your leadership story.

How to position yourself as a premium brand and how to get a profile that does the heavy lifting for you offline as well as online. 

I hope to see you there!


Hi, I'm Caroline De Kimpe, Career & Leadership Coach and founder of The Career Success Program (https://www.newhorizoncoaching.com.au/the-career-success-group-program/).

I'm an Executive Recruiter and Senior HR Professional turned Career & Leadership Coach.

My speciality? I help professionals, like you,  land their next 6-figure leadership role where they feel challenged, fulfilled and get the financial rewards they deserve by helping them build their confidence, raise their profile and stand out from the crowd.

My career expertise has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, Marie Claire and Leaders In Heels.


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