12 Career Progression Hacks - The ULTIMATE list!

12 Career Progression Hacks - The ULTIMATE list!

Somebody recently asked me, “What advice would you give if somebody wanted to step up and land their next six figure role?” 

And I found myself coming up with one tip after another so I decided to share them with you. So, let's dive in. 

Number 1. Stop procrastinating! 

So many people procrastinate about where they want to go and what they want to do and it's all too overwhelming, so they stop altogether and don't move forward.

But here's the thing. If you don't move forward, you move backward. Take action now!

Number 2. Start establishing a network. 

Don't think networking is simply networking events, which is great, by the way, but it's also talking to the right internal stakeholders, the right external stakeholders and using

LinkedIn as a platform to raise your profile. Build those relationships!

Number 3. Stop thinking your resume is the only problem. 

Your resume is just a part, granted, an important part, but you need to start by having a personal brand and a strategy.

Organise a free call with me for some ideas.

Number 4. Think about what you want from your peers. 

This is so important if you want to feel fulfilled, valued and respected in your workplace.

If you want projects you thrive in and to get paid what you're worth. 

Think about what you expect from the company, your colleagues and your boss. At the core of this is your values and how you want them to be represented. 

Number 5. Don’t only think about your career when you’re job searching. 

Your career is a huge part of your life and you need to be intentional in thinking about how it will affect your life as a whole.

It needs to be a continuous process that will benefit your life now and in the future. 

Number 6. Don’t take your skills and experience for granted. 

I work with people with over 15 years experience and so many of them devalue their skills.

They don't see what they have achieved in their career because they assume everybody does the same thing. 

You have certain skills you use at various times with various stakeholders. That combination makes what you offer unique. 

Number 7. Stand up for yourself. 

Nobody else will! And if by chance someone does, it's probably because they pity you.

So, be strong in what you believe in and if that matches with your company they will elevate you and if not, you’re probably not where you’re meant to be.

Number 8. Stop getting underpaid. 

Your pay is a reflection of not only the value your employers have of you, but also the value they put on the role, so if you're underpaid, there’s a disconnect.

You've put in the hard work and expect recognition, but the role isn’t valued as highly as it would be were there a higher salary attached to it.

Negotiate that pay rise!

Number 9. Reflect. 

Take stock of your career. People don't stop to assess, “Is my career heading in the direction I want?” “Is this getting me to my goal?”

They’re no longer intentional about their career. So, stop, reflect and if you’re not where you want to be, or if you’re not even heading there, take action.

Number 10. Know your worth. 

You have more to offer than your boss thinks, because most of the time people don't sell themselves.

They underestimate their capability. Show your boss what you’re doing every day and don’t fly under the radar.

Number 11. Learn communication skills. 

You might be great at communicating externally, but when it comes down to selling yourself, most people really struggle to keep it concise and articulate clearly why somebody should hire or promote them. 

Number 12. Don't attach yourself. 

Let go of things that don't serve you, because they will stand in the way of your ideal career progression. 

Even if you implement one or two of these hacks, you will see a massive difference in the progress of your career.

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